5 Fun Ways to Get Your Kids Outdoors this Summer

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The summer holidays are almost here and you must be looking forward to spending time with your kids. You definitely want them to go out there and enjoy nature. However, getting them to leave the comfort of the couch, their bedroom, and the house at large is not easy. They may feel more comfortable with their screens than with the outdoors. While this is common, it is not impossible to get them outside. Try these fun ways and they will soon be the ones asking to go outside.

Organize Playdates Outdoors

You know your child’s best friend and you have probably had them over for a sleepover. Now is the time to take the playdate to the next level. Ask their parents to bring their kids to the park, beach, or any other outdoor location. Your child will be excited knowing there is a playmate waiting for them when they get to the destination. While your child may not get very excited about being out at the beach in the sun, having a friend he or she can play with makes it worthwhile. You only need to organize a few playdates for your child to get used to the outdoor area. Soon they will go with you, as a family, without any qualms.

Use the Backyard as Your Training Ground

Your backyard is your kids’ first contact with the outdoors. It is the perfect training ground that parents can use for children who do not like being outdoors. Give them sidewalks to practice walking on, balls to practice playing outdoors and a sandbox with shovels, buckets, and beach toys to practice for that trip to the beach. You may also hang a hammock for the kids to swing in. Let the children play and get dirty. They will love it before you know it and they will be ready for the expansive outdoors.

Simple Walks go a Long Way

You may want to take your teenage son or daughter out for a hike but they will not be able to do it or they will even refuse to walk with you. Start with simple outdoor activities like a walk to school in the morning. Organize bike rides on the weekends and strolls along nature trails often. These are activities you can do before the summer holidays in preparation for outdoor summer activities like camping. By the time summer comes your kids will be ready for the outdoors.

Fun Activities Only

If your teenage son hates walking, taking him on a hike may make him hate the outdoors even more. Only engage children with activities they love outdoors. If you have a kid who loves playing role play games, the best outdoor activity for him or her is a picnic where they can role-play as mommy or daddy. Many teenagers want freedom and activities like camping with friends will interest them. If they would rather go with friends than with you at first, do not be offended. Be happy they can get out there. Soon they will be helping you organize your family camping vacation. A good choice is camping in Massachusetts which has a wide variety of camping sites. From scenic places near forests to beach camping to amazing mountain views, there is an appropriate camping site for every family. 

Reward Achievements

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Lucky for you, kids are very easy to impress. Even a small piece of candy after a long day at the beach will get them to smile. The aim is to make them love the outdoors and knowing that they will have a nice treat at the end of the day is enough motivation. You could get creative with the gifts and even play treasure hunt every now and then. These fun games teach them how to seek and find rewards.

Summer is the time to relax and have fun as a family. While you can achieve these at home, the outdoor area is a much better option. But having fun outside can be hindered by some family members not wanting to join in on the fun. With the above 5 tips, you will find it easy to take your kids outdoors for family events. They will even enjoy it and at the end of the summer, you will all have had a great time.


Written by Sierra Powell

Sierra Powell graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a major in Mass Communications and a minor in Writing. When she's not writing, she loves to cook, sew, and go hiking with her dogs.