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You go on holiday? Leave the house ready

Are you one of the lucky ones to go on vacation this summer? Great! But before leaving for your destination, you should follow these tips. Write them all down!

Leaving the house ready is essential when going on vacation. Keeping everything in order and preventing some aspects that can bring you last minute problems will make you more calm.

Surely, you will have a lot of questions; do not worry because we are going to give you some solutions so that, when you return home, you will not get any unpleasant surprises.

Getting the house ready: steps to take

What to do with the plants if no one can water them?

A good trick to water the plants , both indoors and on the terrace, is to put the end of a string in the soil of the pot and place the other end in a container full of water.

Also, it is a good idea to leave a soup plate with water next to them so that they have enough humidity; this way, when you return home, you won’t find them dry.

Do you have to plug the drains?

If you are going to be away from home for several weeks, it is highly recommended that you cover the drains in the bathroom and kitchen with a plug or a cloth, as well as the cracks that remain under the doors that lead to the outside, you will prevent the dust and some insect .

If you live in a house, it can be very useful to fumigate it , especially in kitchens, bathrooms, bathrooms and in places near the garden or terrace. Also spray outdoor plants to prevent them from being invaded by summer insect pests.

Is it necessary to turn off the gas and water?

We advise you to do so. It is important that you close the stopcock to avoid any setback, such as a leak or a broken pipe.

Upon arrival, you should let the water run from all the taps for a few minutes because the pipes may have impurities and cause a bad taste in the water. As for the stove, keep in mind that you must turn on the gas and leave it on for a couple of seconds so that all the accumulated air comes out.

How to leave the house ready if I have pets?

If you don’t take them with you and can’t leave them in the care of a friend or family member, you can take them to a pet nursery . There are services of this type for all kinds of domestic animals that include accommodation, food and veterinary care that they require.

Close all windows: yes or no?

It is necessary to close all the doors and windows of the house well, although it is also prudent to leave a small intake of fresh air so that the environment does not become too loaded.

You can adjust, without closing completely, any window, letting the air enter through the slits of the blind . In this aspect, it is advisable to grease them so that they do not rust.

How to avoid the typical musty smell?

To prevent this unpleasant smell from appearing, you can place blotting balls inside each closet and even in the rooms that are going to remain totally closed.

To leave the house ready, what security measures must be taken?

Basically, close all doors and windows tightly . Ideally, a neighbor should come to your house from time to time to check that everything is in order and periodically pick up the mail.

Try not to advertise in public or on social media the days you plan to leave and place some extra security measure at the entrance doors to the house.

What should I do with the appliances?

Leave the washing machine with the door open so that it can dry well and does not mold inside or rust. If it’s top-loading, leave something as a stopper so it won’t close.

The refrigerator should be clean and empty ; and televisions, computers and other electronic devices should be covered with a cloth to prevent them from collecting dust.

Should I cover delicate furniture?

We recommend that you do this because, even if you have cleaned thoroughly, the dust will settle again after a few days. Covers sofas , hardwood furniture and the most delicate accessories . You can use old sheets or any large piece of fabric for this.

What do you think of our tips? Easy to apply, right? Well, now we can only wish you have a good vacation.

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