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Workplace Cleaning Checklist for this Winter

The year 2020 has been especially challenging in many ways for businesses, and keeping the workplace sanitized and disinfected by office cleaning services also took more precedence. 

As we prepare to head into 2021 through a potentially long, difficult winter, there are some things you can do to help you get ahead of the game with help from commercial janitorial services. When it comes to thinking clean for your business during the winter, it’s not just about destroying germs that can cause illnesses – it’s a matter of overall safety. 

Getting Salty With Winter

One of the biggest shifts in winter cleaning considerations is the amount of salt that will be dragged into the workplace from employees and clients. While salt is effective in melting ice to prevent slips, it also can do damage to your entrance floor mats and generally look like a mess. 

Once the sopping mess dries, it will leave unsightly stains on your mats and your floor, which may mean you have to replace the mats. It can also start to actually damage your flooring if you don’t clear it regularly with commercial cleaning companies, who know how much cleaner (and the right type) to use to avoid causing any accidental damage in the process. 

Make Air Quality a Priority

In winter, more people stay indoors – but at the same time, indoor air quality in the office can degrade during the colder season for a variety of factors. This can contribute to more sniffles and sneezing amongst staff, especially if they have allergies or any other respiratory issues. 

Office cleaning services can vacuum and mop regularly to remove loose dirt and dust that can make its way into the air. Commercial janitorial services can also take it a step further by targeting places that are sometimes neglected, for example the dust that accumulates on top of window frames. 

Consider Flu Season 

There’s already a strong case to be made for disinfecting common (and not so common) surfaces regularly through commercial cleaning companies due to COVID-19. But also consider that your staff might be hanging out indoor more often to eat due to snow and ice, and you have another reason for regular visits from office cleaning services. 

A cleaner can destroy pathogens on doorknobs, light switches, and other often-touched surfaces that can spread viruses, including influenza. 

Learn more about how commercial janitorial services can be a valuable ally against winter from Arelli Cleaning.

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