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Wireless Bluetooth Headsets are important for a Call Center?

We know that the main application of headsets is in call centers. Different users may like different headsets. Wireless headsets have become the best and first choice for most users. They like them because of their unique and robust features. These headsets may come with noise-blocking technologies. They may be monaural or binaural. They may come with control buttons to adjust the volume or answering a call. They may possess a unique microphone to help you sound full-bodied. It can produce a vibrant sound that can help your callers listen to you without any hassle. They also come with wireless connectivity. They possess Bluetooth technology for connecting with different devices. They may have a variable wireless operating range. Different models from different companies come with variable wireless ranges. They may come with AcousticEdge technology for making them suitable for long time usage. They don’t affect hearing capabilities. They may help to hear the clear voice of your callers.

We should know that call center employees have to wear headsets for long hours. They have to make numerous calls and respond to many callers properly. They have to stay active and efficient for winning customer satisfaction. Therefore, they may need wireless headsets for giving a classy performance during a job. Following are some of their features that make them important.


  1. 1- Value of Wireless Operating Range

Wireless models are one of the most used and liked headsets. They don’t require any wire or cable for connecting to a device. They come with Bluetooth or DECT technology that can connect to other devices such as mobiles, desk phones, computers, or laptops. These technologies don’t need wires. The operating range of all the wireless models of headsets isn’t the same. They may have different ranges depending upon their price and manufacturer. Different models may have an operating range starting from 30 feet and reaching 600 feet. It means with the help of these headsets; users can enjoy communication with clients even when they are at a large distance from a base station. It also sets their hands free for performing multiple tasks. This is a good choice for call centers because it never lets them become tired or fatigued. They can use them for taking calls while walking in the corridors or park in front of the office.


2- Uninterrupted Calls and Communications

A call center may perform different jobs. They have variable functions. Some call centers have to promote a company or its products, whereas others may have to listen to the complaints or suggestions from customers. In different functions of call centers, one thing is common that they have to take or make calls. They have to speak with the clients. Therefore, many other employees doing this job in the call center make the office noisy and full of hassle. This environment isn’t suitable for enjoying uninterrupted calls. This is no more a problem now because many wireless models that possess noise-canceling technology have come into the market. They can easily eliminate the background noise and help you focus on the voice of your callers. They also allow you to speak vibrantly and help your callers listen to you properly. This is an important feature of these headsets, which is becoming popular.


3- Control Buttons and Freedom

When we talk about wireless models, we should know that users may have to make calls or reject them. Consider the user is away from the base station taking a call and he has to adjust volume, what he will like? He may need freedom so that when he is away from the base station, there must be control buttons on the headset for performing different adjustments. He won’t like it if he has to get back to a base station for adjusting the volume or answering a call. Wireless models of headsets with control buttons have come into the market. They possess various buttons on a headband so that users can use them for making adjustments according to needs. These buttons help the users to adjust volume, control the process of making or answering calls, and other features. It has given a lot of freedom to users. They can use it effectively according to their desires, even at a larger distance from the base station.


4- Liberty to do Multiple Tasks 

We know that when a call center employee is taking a call, he may have to search on the internet or see some files for answering the different questions of the caller. No one can memorize everything, and all the employees have to consult the system or internet for giving a satisfactory reply. What if their hands are busy handling the headset? They won’t be able to search files or consult the internet. Therefore, wireless headsets have come up with innovative designs to allow users to do multiple tasks. They can easily see files, fetch a cup of coffee or tea, search on the internet, or use the computer to find the best answer to a customer’s question. This is an important feature.


5- Safe for Long Time Usage

We know that all call centers are working for taking or making calls with clients. Their job is to hear people and talk to them to achieve their objectives. Call center employees may have to wear headsets for long hours. Sound waves are energetic waves, and they can affect their hearing sense. Therefore, they prefer to buy some headset that doesn’t affect ears. Many models of wireless headphones have come with AcousticEdge technology. This technology is helping to protect hearing and keep ears safe from sound waves. This is another feature that shows the value and importance of these headsets.

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We have discussed few points that have shown the value and importance of wireless headsets. They are highly beneficial for call centers because they allow the user to perform many tasks while taking a call. They also possess a long wireless operating range. They also come with noise-canceling and AcousticEdge technology for helping users to enjoy noise-free conversations.

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