Will Keywords Be Anymore Relevant For SEO in 2022?

The world of digital marketing is changing and, with it, change the tools and techniques that businesses use to get their products the greatest reach. Search engine algorithms may have advanced rapidly in recent times, but the fact remains that keywords still inform the user intent of the algorithms to a great extent. A Digital Marketing Company like TYC Communication can assure its clients with confidence that due to their influence in determining user intent, indexing and retrieval, keywords are still a relevant metric for SEO.

What’s So Special About Keywords? 

A Keyword or key phrase is the word that a person is likely to search online when they look for something. Marketing professionals use the ranking of keywords online to understand the success of their SEO strategies. There are various ways in which keywords help digital marketers:

  • They locate the target demographic

Keywords can be used to identify the demographic of potential customers. Observing the difference between the top-ranking keywords and the current keywords being used by a business, they can identify gaps in the content, where they are failing to reach out to a certain demographic.

This further helps the business redesign its online content to cater better to newer audiences. By looking at what works, brands can redirect their content management approaches.

  • They find the striking distance zones

Keywords can indicate the location of the online content with relation to where the page would ideally be. Striking distance keywords are a powerful indicator of what works and what doesn’t for a business.

This helps the business adapt to online competition and find the gaps in their marketing strategies better.

  • Keywords can inform the algorithm on user intent

The user intent is the intention with which a user enters a search term into the search engine. It reveals the customer’s needs, whether transactional, navigational, or informational.

Though it can seem like keywords have become irrelevant in the face of user intent as a ranking factor, it is not necessarily true. Keywords give the business information on the direction in which the user intent moves. Additionally, the temporal analysis functionality of keywords allows businesses to better detect new trends effectively.

  • They influence internet traffic

The positioning of a site on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) is a determining factor in the traffic the site receives. If a website is ranked favorably for a certain keyword, that keyword alone can help direct a significant share of traffic to the website.

According to marketing experts, the key is to focus efforts on ranking high for a high-volume keyword that users are likely to search.


Keywords are not due to go out of use anytime soon. With their ability to find target audiences and determine user intent, they are still relevant tools for marketing professionals. Keywords will continue to hold their ground in the digital marketing sphere.

  To better utilize the functionality of keywords to boost results, you can trust the Digital Marketing Services of TYC Communication to guide your business through the world of Search Engine Optimization.

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