Why Your Website Needs SEO for Digital Marketing


More than Alexa, the world depends on search engines to help them find anything and everything. If you are late to the social media game, it’s time you jumped on the bandwagon at your earliest. SEO digital marketing in Dubai genuinely relies on the power of online social media and search engines to find all the right people and consumers for their brand.

Below, we explore some of the most prominent reasons why your business, and website, need Search Engine Optimization. The latter is essentially a rank given to your site based on its content, all, so it comes up sooner in search results, preferably on page one.

1. Attracting Traffic

If you have succeeded in finding a way to earn a good rank, and have made it to page one of search results, be ready to be disappointed.

  • Your work has only just begun. Traffic, i.e., consumers and interested people, does not just mean getting people to visit your site, it also means generating leads and sales
  • The right words, tailored to ‘convince’ or impress your target audience, will work wonders in helping you generate traffic and promote sales
  • Even brand new sites with all the right SEO content have shown positive results, in that getting their site traffic up from 0 to a jaw-dropping number.

2. Consumer Credibility

This is the core reason why so many businesses are working extra smart and hard to land that enviable ‘verified badge’ on some social media sites.

  • What you are providing, i.e., your service should match the SEO Digital Marketing content you have published on your site, and sundry other pages and places online
  • Badge or not, you can still gain credibility from your subscribers and followers by practising what you preach
  • SEO optimization helps you grab people’s attention and keep hold of it. This is not as easy as it sounds. There are plenty of intelligent people out there who can bring you down with a single ill-review
  • Digital content marketing and SEO need to work hand in hand to create the desired credibility quotient your business absolutely needs in this day and age.

3. Cost Saving

Get this: with good SEO Digital Marketing in UAE; you don’t even need to pay for advertisement space online.

  • Traditional ad campaigns let you choose where and for how long your ads appear. For placement of your ad in such a way, you pay the ad company a certain amount
  • You can do away with these middle-parties using great SEO content
  • If you are thinking, “What about those ‘Ad’ tagged search results, I can simply pay to be on top, right?” Wrong!
  • This idea is all about saving costs, and such ads come with their own pay packages. Reducing expenses is one of the core aims of start-ups and/or new businesses, which is even more significant during this COVID-19 crisis
  • Turn your eyes to all the sites that come below those ‘Ad’ tagged ones at the very top. Those sites pay nothing; they simply have impressive SEO rankings that made the search engine list them so.


SEO Digital Marketing in Dubai is all about choosing the right words on your website. Every line matters! You need to get a strong team of writers and editors who can help you frame your service and business goals using the right words.

This, in turn, attracts traffic, i.e., people who are searching using those words. Consistently doing this, over a period of few to several months, can and will deliver positive results by way of traffic and word of mouth.

In short, craft your entire SEO campaign around your target audience. Give your people what they want, starting with using the right words they will be out there looking for. This may sound easy on paper, but it is going to take time and skill to move ahead in this race.


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Written by Amrina Alshaikh


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