Why should you work in Digital Marketing?

In these times, digital marketing training has proliferated like mushrooms after the rain. And if you are interested in digital marketing jobs, you should keep in mind that most of the training offered online reject the educational system and intend to replace it as the best option for your professional future.

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Due to this, lots of jobs are being created and adapted that respond to hyper specialized tasks within the great field of digital marketing.

For example, these are some of the current specialties:

Generate traffic through different advertising tools and strategies.

Writing persuasive texts and texts to connect with your target audience through the Internet as well as other channels RRSS or newsletters for example.

There are specialists in producing content to impact the audience and generate emotions and reactions. And some even teach you to create an Omni channel multimedia strategy, getting all the juice out of the same content.

There are also people who help you by analyzing all the important data generated by your project and optimizing your strategy.

And there are also experts in making your website appear in the first results of the searches and get many links that point to it.

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In fact, there are also experts in testing and recommending products and services. You may know them as recommenders, influencers, affiliates and some other similar nickname.

Even web designers and graphic designers play a part in their own way, helping you convey seriousness, consistency and the values of your service through the look and functions of your digital platform.

There are authors who distinguish the concepts of digital marketing and online marketing, alluding to the fact that the former differs from the latter in the fact that it extends to non-digital channels.

Now if you look closely you may not see this distinction necessary. The fact is that the excessive and highly invasive strategies have generated a climate of disgust that has led to a very important transformation of the sector.

Currently, in addition to the anti-spam protection laws and the privacy of personal data, there are applications that help to block propaganda on the Internet. This has led some authors and content generators to resort to the use of pay walls (that is, to make their content available only to those who pay for them).

And is there training for these jobs that addresses these issues?

Of course there is training for digital marketing jobs. And the most diverse, with people trying to emulate the strategies that work best in countries like the United States and Brazil.

There are also experts who try to understand the essence of a globalized and multicultural audience, trying to adapt as best as possible to such an audience.

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Ironically, some of the trainers of this niche seek to express the recognition that higher education institutions and their professionals have, or they dedicate themselves to emulating the methods that are applied in universities around the world, but “from the outside”.

What we want to convey to you from here is that not everything is completely true or completely false, and it is convenient to pass it through the sieve.

Yes, it is true those digital jobs are increasingly in demand and that many professions are benefiting from the jump to 3.0 thanks to the relocation of those services and tasks that allow it.

And yes, it is true that educational institutions are sometimes slow to make the leap. And when they do, they hire new staff if necessary. And of course, they also take advantage of their specialist employees in the field. Or did you think that teachers do not recycle, reinvent themselves or continue investigating and learning?

Now, how to choose correctly where and with whom to train?

The main advice: do not look at the price.

For these subjects the prices tend to be similar and, if you insist, you can get scholarships and very important discounts.

Look at the training approach. For example:

What is the methodology that is applied? Will you receive tutoring and personalized attention? Will you be able to keep all the materials and content that you receive during the training?

Does it integrate face-to-face, virtual and mixed modalities? Or does it force you to choose only one option?

What content does it cover? How long does it last? And how do you distribute the content during that time?

How will your progress be evaluated? Will you be able to evaluate the training and the trainers, and in a way that will be taken into account?

And when finished, what do you receive? For example: do you get an official title? Do they make it easy for you to do internships? Do you enter your own job bank?

Knowing these things, you can make better decisions when choosing your next steps towards the digital marketing job you dream of today.

If you often find yourself unable to choose, and feel great confusion in the face of all the options and propaganda that exist today, you can count on our advisory services and our virtual learning community for bloggers, digital entrepreneurs, travelers and nomads. .

We will help you decide your next steps conscientiously and from balance. In this way, you will not waste your resources (energy, time and money) on training and experiences that you then abandon after a short time.

The point is that there are options and the best of all is that I work on digital issues you will always find.

Would you reinvent yourself to start a profession that helps you in the digital world?

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Written by DML