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Why Is My Outlook Not Receiving Emails?

Outlook is also a well known email service provider company which is owned by Microsoft. Being held in between errors is common; is your Outlook not receiving email, that could be for the following reasons. Now we will look to solve these issues in various ways.


  • These might be the reasons for Outlook not receiving emails but can send.
  • Mails, instead of storing in the inbox it will be stored in the spam folder.
  • When you have any issue in the internet connection, your Outlook is not going to send any mails.
  • Third party applications may act as an obstacle for your Outlook emails to work properly.
  • When you enter an incorrect username or password, you are not going to login to your account. When you type your password, ensure that the caps lock is on or off.
  • Data on your system may have got corrupted by some kind of malware.
  • Your email account may not sync properly with the Outlook.

For the following reasons you will not be able to receive any mail. Sometimes, for a few of these reasons you will be able to send mail but not receive any mail.

If you want to know more about email troubleshooting reason, check out emailspedia which is a huge platform to fix any kind of email errors.

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