Why do we need to die cut packaging boxes?

Die Cutting Packaging boxes?

Die cutting is a technical procedure to cut a material in various shapes and sizes. Die is a metallic plate with highly sharped edges, by applying specific pressure on the material desired shape and size can be achieved. Mechanical Die cutting makes the cutting procedure easier and faster as compare to scissors because they need patience and time. Through die-cutting, a wide range of various materials can be cut in just minutes’ like fabric, paper wood, ploy foam, thin metal sheets, cardboards, plastic, corrugated material, and many others.

There are four types of die cutting steel rule, rotatory die cutting, laser dies cutting, and ultrasonic die-cutting. The most popular and commonly used cutting is steel rule, which is used for cut folding on corrugated boxes, plastics, fabrics, cardboards whereas rotatory die cutting which is also known as gasket die cutting is utilized for rubber, plastic, and foam sheets. Ultrasonic cutting is ideal for thermoplastic material and a laser is used for giving shape to glass, copper, acrylic materials.

In this modern period, die-cutting becomes very important in almost every field of life like a traditional craft whether it is home décor, stationery, greeting and invitation cards, packaging boxes, and many more.

Why do we need to die cut boxes?

There are various products in the market which is in great demand of consumers, one of them that is much popular among women is cosmetics. They need safe and protective packaging for a long time because they all are retail products. A wide range of die-cut boxes is used for the packaging of retail products. These custom printed boxes are very special as they provide protection and dust-free packaging to the product. These packaging boxes are completely customizable, they can be designed and manufactured according to the requirement of the product and consumer.

Experts of die cuttings enhance the durability of the material by using special effects like UV coatings, laminations. They help to beautify the boxes and make them user friendly. Die-cut boxes proven itself in almost every industry, they can be used for gifts, cards, and apparel packaging items. Specially created die-cut windows provide great relief to the retailer in case of displaying the product because it provides a straight preview of the product instead of opening again and again. These small different shapes of windows on boxes make the packaging more attractive and exciting. These beautiful die-cut packaging boxes can be used for creating a long and lasting impression on the buyer’s mind.


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