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Why Do Businesses Prefer SEO Over PPC?

When we talk about Digital Marketing, especially when it’s a startup, then there always arises a question about which is better – SEO or PPC? How can both of them benefit a business and, most importantly, which is better for you? Which one of the two can help in driving more Traffic for the company? Traffic is a crucial element for any website. Zero Traffic means zero success. You can measure the success of a particular website by looking at the Traffic generated by its pages. 

If you want immediate results, opt for PPC, but then it’s a paid technique. But, If you wish for timely results for free, then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best. SEO is becoming popular these days because every startup needs a well-optimized website that ranks well on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). One point to note about SEO is that it is a cheaper way to get long term results. 

Now, let’s discuss the reasons why most businesses opt for SEO over PPC.

  • It’s Free: If you’re knowledgeable enough and have excellent writing skills, you can optimize your own website by taking a little guidance from someone who is experienced. So, never decide to run away from gaining more knowledge about the digital world. 

  • Excellent ROI: If you take up the responsibility of doing everything on your own, SEO will likely get you great results over time. Once your website ranks on the first or second pages of SERP, there are chances that you can get 10times the number of clicks you would have got while using PPC. 

  • Control Over Content: When doing SEO on your own, you don’t have restrictions on whatever content you want to display. The meta tags could be more extended, which leads to better Click-Through-Rate (CTRs). You don’t get this freedom in PPC as it’s tough to opt for A/B testing every time.

  • Brand Awareness: People always tend to first look for reviews and guidance before purchasing a product. So, taking advantage of this nature, you can write informative content that can meet their expectations and also improve your rankings. This can also help people to remember your brand easily.

  • Organic Traffic Stays: As long as you work on your rankings by working on the desired keywords, you can generate consistent Traffic to your website. On the other hand, Paid marketing (PPC) cannot fetch you results in the long term as you can run out of money. Therefore, SEO is one of the best channels for the marketers. 

These are some of the reasons why SEO is preferred over Paid Results. Businesses have a longer timeline in mind and hence use trends that generate organic Traffic. This is the best because we are not subject to always paying for the Traffic and leads that are generated. Great SEO efforts can offer the best results for free and without any tension of getting your invested funds wasted. A well executed marketing plan can help your business reach heights.

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