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Where to Find a Good Lawyer For Your Immigration Consultation in Toronto

Immigrantsfrom other countries of the world can easily get a Canadian ImmigrationConsultant in Toronto to apply for the necessary documentation to enter thecountry. For those who have studied in Canada or had lived there for five yearsor more, they can easily get an EEC or International Experience Card and a workpermit. If one has relatives from Canada or possesses another citizenship suchas British or American, they can also apply for these two documents. However,if you are a first time immigrant or are ineligible for any of these, you willbe required to get a study permit or a passport.

The studypermit issued by the Canadian Immigration Consultant in Toronto is called theProgrammable Visa or Program Visa. This study permit proves that the applicanthas completed high school and has acquired some qualifications recognized bythe Canadian authorities. Once you have acquired a study permit, you can thenapply for a Canadian passport or a Canadian citizenship card. The main reasonsfor obtaining either of these is to be able to visit Canada or to study there.

Once you getyour passport, you need to visit your provincial immigration office in Toronto.At this point in time, you can choose to apply for Canadian citizenship or toget a birth certificate. Either of these two options should be taken after youhave had some amount of socialization in Canada. You can visit the nearestCanadian consulate or a Canadian immigration lawyer to help you fill out yourapplication forms and go through the Canadian immigration hearing.

The Canadianimmigration consultant can also help you obtain a temporary work permit whileyou are waiting for the permanent visa. These are called the Skilled WorkerProgram and the Entrepreneur Program. These two programs were set up so thatthe unemployed workers from various countries around the world can have achance to work in Canada. Canadian authorities do not accept unskilled workersor those with business backgrounds as permanent residents because they want toencourage economic growth in Canada and attract highly skilled foreignprofessionals to the country.

When itcomes to visiting Canada, you can actually use your skippered tourist visa aslong as you have your passport. This is how you can easily visit Canada as avisitor. However, if you have to leave your country for some reason, such as tofinish a research or to enter the country for employment, you will need toobtain a permanent resident visa. As long as you are eligible, you should beable to get a visitor visa once you arrive in the country. However, if you havea serious problem, such as a criminal record, you should try to get a stayvisa, which is a different type of visa.

Immigrationconsultants in Toronto can also help you decide if you qualify for the economicprograms. These include the Federal Economic Programs, the Canada StrategicDevelopment Program, the Canada Immigrant Agreement and the InternationalMobility Program. Once you become eligible for any one of these programs, youmay also qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Canada StudentProgram if you attended college in Canada. As a skilled worker, you can bringover family members who are eligible to become members of the Canadian armedforces.

TheInternational Mobility Program allows international students to work in Canadawhile attending classes full time in the United States. The economic programallows international students to work in Canada while pursuing a full-timeeducation in the United States. Both programs, along with the temporary policy,allow international students to apply for jobs in Canada. However, there arestrict job requirements that employers are willing to accept. As a result, itis important to work with an experienced and reputable Canadian Immigrationconsultant in Toronto if you would like to work in Canada.

If you areplanning on visiting Canada, it would be wise to contact a skilled Canadian immigration consultant in Toronto. A good lawyer can help you secure a joboffer once you get here. Remember to use your temporary visa from the UnitedKingdom and make sure you follow all of the employment requirements in Canada.In addition, it will be helpful to contact a skilled immigration consultant inToronto if you plan to immigrate to Canada.

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