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When and why you need a managed cloud service?

Enterprises are formulating their future plans for IT needs, and one thing is clear that the cloud will be in trend. According to Gartner, the cloud service market will grow 6.3% in 2020, and as the cloud has taken center stage by recovering from the pandemic, it is going to accelerate more in 2021.

With the huge chunk of revenue making its way, it’s less clear how the enterprise will manage its cloud service environment. 

There are mainly two ways to maintain cloud managed services. Hire and train a dedicated team or opt for a managed cloud service. As its name suggests, it is a service where the organization’s cloud infrastructure is outsourced to a third-party provider. It focuses on the broader mission of managing hybrid environments, which include resources in private and public clouds and data centers. 

When do you need to opt for a cloud-managed service provider?

Suppose you want total control of your cloud and have enough expertise and resources. In that case, it is good to have a dedicated team of yours who work personally on your cloud infrastructure and applications of yours in a cloud environment. Having your own personal team will give you autonomous and transparent control of the cloud, and you can manage it accordingly. 

Having an in-house team requires full-time effort, so if you want to go for cloud computing service without maintaining this, you can choose managed IT services at Corpus Christi. It operates the cloud service and focuses on resources to develop the business and take it further. 

Many small and medium businesses opt for managed cloud services as you only have to pay for what you use and when you use it, so it’s a significant cost-saving to hire them. Cloud service provides advisory, deployment, and management service for the cloud environment and cloud base solutions. It helps your enterprise increase your cloud environment’s efficiency by managing your cloud computing resources with cloud monitoring.

Why should you choose a cloud-managed service?

  • Cost predictability

Cloud-based resources are highly predictable, so there is no cheating on the pricing policy. You will get into an agreement with managed cloud services on a customized plan and pay a fixed amount for using those services. The enterprise has a clear set of conditions to be paid for services. You have control of cost in your hand when data transfer or computing service requires a high amount, and you have an additional choice to pay for services or drop some of the benefits to save cost.

  • No future proofing worries

Technology invention is becoming advanced day by day, and if you have an in-house IT team to manage your cloud service, you have to spend equal amounts of time, effort, and resources on training them, which may lead to disturbances in the management of cloud service. It is noted that 25% of organizations admit that they suffer obstruction in cloud implementation due to a lack of in-house team expertise. 

Whereas, if you hire managed IT services at corpus Christi, you do not have to be concerned with all this, as it is their responsibility to provide service from their qualified experts. 

  • Cloud-managed security 

Cloud-based infrastructure is more secure. If you choose the right partner to implement a cloud strategy, it is key to have one of the most secure hardware configurations. Service level agreements often include cloud monitoring, data migration, and support that you can be sure of enhancing security across your cloud environment. 

  • Scalability and flexibility 

Cloud provides an infinite amount of computing power and storage, which makes it easy to leverage possibilities when businesses need upscale or downscale. Whenever a company faces an unexpected spike in demand, additional resources come in handy. Considering that whenever an advertisement campaign succeeds unexpectedly, the company need not fear to match the customer’s need.

The support of cloud computing service providers gives the flexibility to deliver services. The delivery is made with cost optimization and scalability. 

  • Management of clouds

If you want to use the most of the cloud computing services, then mix and match different cloud solutions. With a great cloud service partner, you can ensure that your workload is managed optimally by setting your unique priorities.


Cloud computing is not an easy technology to manage, learn, and hard to master. If you have trusted managed cloud service providers as IT services at corpus Christi, you can make the most of your cloud services and can rest assured. They have the capability of smooth and efficient running without capacity, security, or bandwidth issues. We here offer you managed cloud service that ranges from helping you choose, design, and implement your cloud environment and migration play to its management and cloud monitoring.

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