Whatsapp GB – What’s it features and how to download it?

What is GBWhatsapp?

GB Whatsapp is a modified mod which can be installed into the original Whatsapp existing on your device to help users have better experience with more functions. In this article, we will find out its outstanding features and how it works. Besides, you can install it by the link at the bottom of this page. 

whatsapp gb by apkrapido

1. What is GBWhatsapp?

It is a designed application for users to add more adjustment and customize settings.

It was created by a third party (known as Has.007 – a senior XDA member) without the authority of the original founder. And GBWhatsapp can be installed alongside the original app with no interference. 

2. Why should we use GBWhatsapp?

As I mentioned, GBWhatsapp is one of the most popular mods with amazing functions. So, let’s take a look and you might want to download it after reading these following things.

2.1. It provides you a lot of privacy settings.

Compared with Whatsapp, GBWhatsapp has much more options of privacy settings. You can hide many types of information about your activity on Whatsapp profile. For instance, you can hide your active status, hide delivered messages or notification that you are typing. 

In addition, users can hide chat and lock chat or even block calls from some special contacts. If you don’t want anybody to see your messages, you can set a passcode for your app. Thanks to this feature, many people choose to use GBWhatsapp for their safety.

2.2 You can write more and send more with GBWhatsapp

Whenever using any application, users always want to make use of its advantages. With GBWhatsapp, you can send a broadcast to 600 people at once and 90 pictures by one tap. Videos and audio are delivered with bigger size (up to a 50mb video or a 100mb audio clip)

Moreover, you have the ability to post a longer status (with 255 characters). Group name can be lengthened to 35 characters, which is also a great point.

2.3 You have better control with your own settings

This mod supports you to have great experience of Whatsapp and you can control that. Because Whatsapp GB has a various and diverse theme store, users can change Whatsapp’s appearance such as: the color of the icon or the notification icon. You also have the option of staying online for 24 hours but be aware of the damage to your battery.  

Beside the available themes, you can create your own one and apply it on Whatsapp. When you want to share it with other people, you just need to submit that theme to GBWhatsapp and it will be added to the previous themes list. 

Another feature of GBWhatsapp is letting you know that your friends just change their avatar or go online. You will have no need to check your friends’ status but sometimes it is quite annoying. 

Additionally, GBWhatsapp becomes a popular application thanks to these following functions:

  • Ability to save Whatsapp stories to the phone.

  • Copying someone’s status just by tapping on it.

  • Auto-reply feature.

  • Making phone calls directly from the app.

  • Ability to copy multiple messages but hide names and dates.

  • Pinning more than 3 chats at the same time.

So, we just have an overview about the outstanding features of GBWhatsapp. And now, I will show you more details about how it works.

3. How does GBWhatsapp work?

3.1 How to install it?

As Whatsapp GB doesn’t exist on Play Store, you can download it by following some steps given below:

  • Open Setting, enable “Unknown Sources” in the Security setting: this makes sure that your device can download applications from sources other than Play Store.

  • Download the latest version of GBWhatsapp APK files.

  • After downloading, open the APK files and click the “Install” button at the bottom right of the screen.

  • After installing, launch the app and enter your phone number.

  • There will be an OTP sent to your phone and you need to enter it to the app for verification. 

  • If you want to backup your data, hit “Restore”.

  • Now, you can start your own customization.

With a few simple steps, you have installed GBWhatsapp on your phone without losing data. 

3.2 Some examples of customizing your settings.

Whatsapp GB has the similar appearance as the standard Whatsapp but when you tap on three vertical dots (menu options) on the upper right, the GB settings will appear.

3.2.1 Themes Store

Whatsapp GB has a store that consists of various and appealing themes arranged from the new to the old ones. Users just need to open Themes store and click on “apply” the themes they want. Then, the app should be restarted for proper working. Without restarting, themes settings will be enabled automatically anyway. 

3.2.2 Media Sharing

Thanks to this function, GBWhatsapp allows you to send and receive audio and video with bigger capacity. Images also can be sent more with high quality and original size.

As we enable the last part of this section, we can post a status video up to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds like the standard Whatsapp.

3.3.3 Other Mods

In this part, we are concerned about two main points:

  • Launcher Icon: Change color of the icon, when you click on this, a list will appear. If you get bored with the green of the default icon, you can choose another one in the list.

  • Tick Styles: Change the notification icon, the list has 9 styles. By default, Whatsapp classic, double blue ticks are selected. So you can choose any option you like from the menu.

3.3.4 Lock

This tap is related to your privacy and it has only two sub-tap. First, choose Enable Passcode when you don’t want anyone to access your application without your permission. Second, Change Passcode is used for setting another password different from the previous ones.

Obviously, these aren’t all the Whatsapp GB settings, you can experience others by yourself.

4. Comparison with other applications

4.1 Whatsapp GB vs Whatsapp

Beside all mentioned features, there are some other differences between two applications.

Availability: Whatsapp is available on IOS, Android, Window and other store devices. Meanwhile, GBWhatsapp doesn’t exist on Google Play Store and could be downloaded as an APK file.

Blocking: Whatsapp only blocks in your contacts but with GBWhatsapp, you can block unwanted video and audio as well.

Passcode: Whatsapp GB can create a passcode for your privacy by itself and Whatsapp needs a third party to do that.

Multiple accounts: GBWhatsapp lets you use two accounts on one device which is convenient for everyone using business and private accounts separately.

Schedule Whatsapp messages: Whatsapp GB supports you to set the time for your messages so that you don’t have to worry about ruining your sleep or forgetting to send important messages. 


What do you think?

Written by Curt Norval


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