What should you follow when you dine at an Indian restaurant for the first time?

Tips to dine at the Indian restaurant for the first time

So, you have decided to explore a new Indian restaurant Sydney or plan to visit there for the first time. Well! In that case, you need to ensure that your first experience is perfect and should be right. Indian food is one of a kind and there is no way any other cuisine can top it off. Just try the Indian cuisine once and it will make you want more & more. To even have a better time, we have mentioned some of the important tips which can make the entire experience much better.

Always Order Appetizers

When you order the appetizers it helps to improve the taste buds and make the dining experience perfect. Moreover, the Indian restaurant appetizers are one of a kind and mostly they are simple yet filled with iconic flavors.


Skip The Buffet

Most of the restaurants will offer you a buffet and through this way, you can have different offers. It might be overwhelming what you need to try and the selection will be difficult. To get the best Indian meal you should skip the buffet and order everything individually. This way you can pair everything with what you like the most and specifically as per your taste preferences.

Share Your Food

To have the best time at the restaurant, it would be better that you share the food with your loved ones. Be it family or friends, this way the time will be amazing. Everyone will order the food as per their taste, you can celebrate any time and sharing will make the entire meal help you enjoy it even more.

Commonly used ingredients

Aloo – Potato

Murgh – Chicken

Mutter – Green peas

Palak – Spinach

Bhindi – Ladies’ finger

Channa – Chickpeas

Gajar – Carrot

Gobi – Cauliflower

Jeera – Cumin

Paneer – Indian cheese

Do not just limit to the chicken

You should not only limit the chicken, no doubt it is tasty. According to popular belief, the chicken dish is loaded with different flavors and you can get even the simplistic selection which will crave you to have more.

Open Your Mind To Biryani

Biryani lovers know how delectable and tasty it is. There are different options which you can choose from. Biryani is cooked with basmati rice and there are endless combinations which you try from. To get the best taste, each one of the family members should order different biryani to enjoy the taste to the fullest.

Mix And Match

With Indian cuisine, you can mix and match different food options. This way you can taste different spices, vegetables, meat, rice, and other varieties. Just make sure that you do not stick to the standard options like lentil dishes and standard curries. From north to south there are different varieties which you can give a try!

Try the different level of spiciness

If you do not know about spice tolerance then Indian restaurants can provide you with different dishes. You can order the one which is best according to your taste.

Written by Cohen Marshall