What is NIPT? What is the Harmony Test?

Non-invasiveprenatal testing (NIPT) is used to determine whether or not thenewborn baby will have down’s syndrome. It is determined byperforming a blood test of the pregnant woman. A small DNA fragmentdrawn from the mother’s body is tested to detect hormonalabnormalities. HarmonyTestis the best method to analyze the baby’s blood to know whether or notthe baby is infected with Patau syndrome, Edwards syndrome, or Downsyndrome. It is considered one of the best tests for NIPTLondon. Let’sknow everything about NIPT London andthe Harmony Test. 

Isa Harmony Test worth it? 

Havinga baby kicking in your tummy is near to heaven. To make sure yourbaby is safe and strong, many experts recommend a Harmonytest.It is a highly accurate and acceptable test to detect the baby after10 weeks. Usually, the mothers having age above 30 years or those whohave a history of miscarriage should opt for NIPTLondon. Itis highly affordable and worth doing. After the results, make sureyou talk to the professional to have a checklist of possibleupcoming. If you find a healthy baby kicking inside your tummy,you’re ready to welcome your baby with family and friends. Make sureyou have your initial screening as soon as possible, that is, 10-12weeks. 

Whydo you need to have a Harmony Test? 

Hereare a few reasons that indicate that you need to go for a HarmonyTest. Makesure you get yourself tested under expert care – CityUltrasound, whereexpertise meets technology. 

● Ifyou had any of the abnormalities in your previous pregnancy, thisTest could help you to know about it. 

●     HarmonyTestgives more accurate results as compared to Nuchal Translucency Scan. 

● Incase you’re an older parent, you must consider going with the Test.Performing tests in pregnancy can check abnormalities, if any. 

●     NIPTLondonwill make sure that your baby is strong and free of diseases. 

● Familyhistory indicates abnormalities, birth defects, or miscarriages. 

● Ifthe pregnant woman is above 30 years of age, this Test is highlyrecommended. 

Whocan have Harmony Test or NIPT London?

● Ifyou’re 10 weeks pregnant, you can easily go with the HarmonyTest.

● ThisTest can be performed without any aging issue. 

● Incase you’ve twins, this NIPTLondon iseffective in checking both of your babies. 

● Sometimespregnancy occurs due to donor eggs; with the help of a Harmony Test,you can easily check the health of the baby. 

● Ifyou’ve more than two babies, HarmonyTestisn’t effective in such cases. 

● Ifthe mother of the baby had undergone a bone marrow transplant, thisTest isn’t effective. 

IsNIPT London Safe & Effective? 

NIPTLondon isconsidered to be effective as well as safe. Without any worryregarding your baby, you can go with this type of Test. Up to 99%accurate, this Test is performed by doctors to ensure that yourbabies are free from Down syndrome, trisomy 18, and trisomy 13.Furthermore, it has a very low false-positive rate. 

Whyis NIPT Test better than others? 

Hereare numerous facts that make NiptLondon abetter choice as compared to other tests. If you’ve decided to getyourself tested, make sure you ask a professional team for help. CityUltrasound hasa team of skilled and dedicated doctors with experience of more than30 years. 

● ThisTest is accurate up to 99.99%. 

● HighlyEffective in determining down’s syndrome. 

● Gettingtested under expert care will help you to get accurate results. 

● Knowingthe defects beforehand will help you to take precautionary stepsbeforehand. 

●     HarmonyTest givesaccurate results for Down syndrome, Edwards syndrome, and Patausyndrome. 

Onceyou’ve successfully submitted your sample to your healthcareprovider, within two weeks, you can get your reports. As soon as youget your report, make sure you consult your healthcare provider toknow the information regarding your report. For any informationregarding the HarmonyTest, feelfreeto contact experts of CityUltrasound. Ifthere are high risks in your HarmonyTest, yourdoctor might recommend you with some more tests such as chorionicvillus sampling or amniocentesis. 


NIPTLondonis considered absolutely safe as it does not involve any majorinjections. Only simple blood draws from the mother are enough toexecute the Test effectively. To have more information regardingwhich Test you need to go for, be it, single baby, twins, or eggdonor pregnancy, you need to look for an expert healthcare provider.cDNA-based NIPT is considered to be the best primary screening testto detect any abnormalities in your pregnancy. However, some otherNIPTs, such as the Harmony prenatal test, also procure the option ofnoting the sex of your infant. 

Written by City Ultrasound