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What is data Exchange?

What is Data Exchange Platform?

Data Exchange Platform is the most sophisticated platform that allows organizations to source, distribute, exchange, share, and sell data and create data ecosystems by building strong data partnerships. It addresses the technical, legal security, and compliance needs to be required to ensure the compliance of current and future data frameworks and policies.


What is the reason your company needs it right now?

Both private and public companies realize that their data is an essential strategic asset that is valuable inside and outside of their boundaries to meet business goals like creating more revenue or enhancing productivity. Data Exchange Platforms allow data to be exchanged and made accessible while considering security, compliance, and the traceability of the transactions.


ZR Data Exchange Platform

ZR Data Exchange Platform is a fully customizable white-label SaaS platform for distribution or source data to commercialize and manage data ecosystems.

 ZR Data Exchange Platform incorporates the Data Exchange governance model encapsulating security and control and licensing, traceability, and compliance. Operating in Managed, Distributed, or Decentralized mode, it supports a variety of business models for data exchange (free subscription, subscription, and transactional, as well as performance-based).


The main advantages of Data Exchange for your organization

Data suppliers and data buyers require a safe and secure environment to maximize the power of their data and meet the right player to meet their data requirements. As data volumes increase and the demand for data increases, a marketplace for data can improve data sourcing and manage data flow.

 Beyond the widespread adoption of data culture within the business and the advancement of data exchange capabilities, data markets can benefit from data by forming insightful relationships with the ecosystem.


Maintain complete control over your environment with the ability to customize onboarding as well as account management


Customized authentication and authentication process

Flexible onboarding workflow

The advanced dashboard that functions as a command center for every participant

Two-factor authentication and advanced rights management


Make use of sophisticated data transaction and sharing capabilities.

 The management capabilities of open data licenses as well as paid and free commercial data licenses

Publishing and creation of subscription-based, file-based, and API-based offerings of data

The traceability of all data negotiations and transactions


Get the latest security and compliance options.

 Choose the most convenient data center that meets your needs.

Two-factor authentication, as well as a thorough screening process

A decentralized governance model that includes or without blockchain

Advanced features to guarantee Data Exchange compliance


Completely customize the system and incorporate it with your existing systems.

A cloud-agnostic solution that allows cloud provider choice

Select your brand’s customization

Modify the configuration to meet your specific needs, such as languages, currencies, or payment workflow

Select your preferred business model that is transactional, on-subscription freemium, fully-paid, either based upon performance, or sponsor management


Ensure compliance with data regulations

Ensure that the data exchange platform ensures that the transactions and exchanges made on the platform meet applicable laws on data protection.

 ZR Data Exchange Platform delivers advanced compliance features that ensure that participants comply.


Take benefits of ZR Data Exchange

The potential of data is realized when data circulates. Every industry benefits from the wealth of information gathered from ecosystems like food, agriculture, auto tourism, travel, energy, insurance, and retail, to mention just a few. By allowing access to data in a secure environment, businesses can create solid data partnerships that foster creativity and create strong applications.


To illustrate the potential of Data Exchange technology, ZR manages The Global Data Marketplace, which brings together thousands of acquirers and suppliers from 20 different industries around the globe. Through a secure data marketplace, businesses share, source, and exchange data. They also help in accelerating the transformation of their businesses.


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