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What is Automatic Transmission?

Unlike manual transmission, people will see more convenience when using the automatic transmission. Common as it is, it is hard for the new driver to learn it with details. In this post, we will tell you about what is an automatic transmission with the main advantages. Hope it is easy for you to learn it easily.

Main Definition of Automatic Transmission:

Based on the engine speed, the automatic transmission is just for shifting the gear to the automatic transmission options. It is made up of a torque converter, planetary gear and hydraulic control system, which consists of three tiers of the automatic transmission, CVT, AT and AMT. Hyundai Staria is such a kind of AT vehicle. 

Main Advantages of AT:

Cars with AT are allowed the drivers to concentrate on the road condition instead of getting busy shifting the gear to the transmission options, which is very beneficial to the newbie.

Cars with AT have stable power since it is automatic shift the transmission to the ideal model for car driving and it protects the cars from damage. Thus it will save money for car maintenance. 

Personally, I think that AT is better for all the drivers, especially those who are ready for driving on the road. It allows you to practise your driving skills like a pro. What’s your opinion?

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