What is a domain name?

Nowadays, anyone who wants to can write and publish on the internet.

That way you can share your ideas, disseminate them, promote your own project, a business, share your knowledge and pass it on to others and secondarily earn income, as long as it reaches popularity.

To be successful in all of the above, a lot of determination and will is necessary above all, although other factors influence.

Many entrepreneurs have achieved resounding success and, in practice, more and more people, instead of a physical job, go on to earn a living just writing and posting useful content on the internet.

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With this modest article we try to encourage those who wish to start in the wide world of the internet.

Requirements to have your own place on the internet

To have your own place on the internet, be it a blog, a page or a complete website, two different requirements are essential, the domain name and the hosting service or web hosting that is responsible for serving the pages.

What is a domain name?

The domain name is the name that identifies a site on the network, it is unique, in a url address, that is, the one that appears in the browser’s address bar, the domain name is only the characters that are between http: // which is the protocol and the first slash or backslash, regardless of www if it exists, since currently its use is not essential.

What is a web hosting or hosting service?

The hosting service or web hosting, is the service provided by companies dedicated to hosting and making the physical files that make up the websites work correctly, such as pages, images, scripts, etc.

For this purpose, they use equipment with superior performance than the traditional computers that we have in our home and that allow optimal performance.

The infrastructure composed of computers and other auxiliary equipment are known as web servers.

These servers on your hard drives can offer space and host the files of thousands of web pages of different clients, they work 24 hours a day allowing access to them from anywhere in the world, regardless of the time zone.

They not only serve web pages, they provide other additional services, such as databases, email services, etc.

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Written by DML