What are the topmost things which you didn’t know about fried chicken?


If you love to eat non-veg, then fried chicken must be your favorite. Especially, the way it is made and the way it’s gravy is prepared helps to make the entire dish palatable & no one can resist it. No doubt, there are other chicken recipes like cajun chicken which is one of a kind because of the cajun seasoning. In this article, we will talk you through some of the unknown things about your favorite fried and crispy chicken.

Unknown things about fried chicken

Scottish is the first to invent this

For the first time, it was invented by the Scottish. Well! They tried to make the chicken by frying and not through baking or boiling. Later, it came to America, and now it has become everyone’s favorite.

Before WW2, it was prepared just on special occasions

Until the 1990s, this recipe was only limited to special occasions and holidays, to celebrate the time to the fullest. One of the major reasons was a scarcity of spring chickens and there was increased demand for a high volume of fat. Also, this chicken recipe took a long time to prepare, so people tried to keep it just for special occasions.

Segregation and slavery were on the rise

Slaves were allowed to keep chickens, so this recipe was kept reserved for special occasions only. Most of the restaurants were closed because of segregation and this is the reason chicken became the first dish and now it is one of the most loved chicken meals.

All the chickens are not for frying

You won’t be able to find all the chickens at butcher shops or supermarkets, because some of them are kept specially for cooking & frying. Older birds are tough and cooking is needed to be done at low temperatures.

Different options are around the globe

No doubt, this option is popular in America but all over the world, you can find different variations. Koreans love to have this in a sweet & spicy sauce and Japanese love to have it in small pieces. There is a special kind of marinade for the Thailand people and they love to try it with rice.

Nashville-style chicken is not the healthiest

Nashville-style fried chicken might be becoming everyone’s favorite but before you have it you need to think twice.

Different frying method

Chicken can be fried in different ways like pan-frying, deep-frying, and pressure-frying. The easiest of all is the deep-frying & the most commonly used one. The oldest option is pan-frying which is done in the cast-iron-skillet. The pan-frying allows you to have better control and it even helps to make the chicken brown.

Buttermilk brine changes the entire recipe

Buttermilk brine is something that should be included in the chicken recipe. It makes the chicken spicy and salty as well as keeps it moist. So, make sure that you do not skip this step.

No doubt, many other things can make you go crazy the way fried chicken recipes have evolved with time. Just ensure that when you want to have this meal you need to visit the best chicken place.

Written by Cohen Marshall