Video Game Streaming – A Perfect Career Option to Earn Handsomely

Nowadays, people are following their passion for pursuing a career in the field of gaming. The gaming sector includes the development, monetization, marketing, distribution, production, and consumption of content produced by video games. Being a type of entertainment, video games encompass mobile gaming, console gaming, and PC gaming. The gaming industry has become a $115.8 billion industry worldwide as people are converting their hobby to a full-time job.

What are the two broad divisions of gaming?

The gaming industry can be divided into two categories – game developers that consist of companies who are into the creation of games and gamers, who draw entertainment through participation, interaction, and viewership.

How are games developed?

Game development involves a series of steps, which starts from the game’s idea to publish it in the last. After the game’s release, regular maintenance after a certain amount of time takes place in the form of updates and fresh content. These aspects keep the gamers interested due to which they will engage in that particular game for a longer duration. The whole procedure requires the involvement of designers and programmers at multiple stages of the game. The designers and programmers must have the required technical skills to make a game that can attract a lot of gamers.

Some people have a knack for coding, and they can develop their own games, but with good skills in programming, a refined and polished game can be produced. Certain famous games were produced by coders who were tinkering with the current code while adding numerous codes of their own. A professional degree with a few years of experience provides a good grasp of this subject. There are various career options in the development of the game, and fresh talents are attracting towards it. The field of creative direction in the subject of game development has gained a lot of importance as it is considered the major defining factor of a game’s success. All the building blocks like a soundtrack, animation, artwork, storytelling are important for the game to become a success.

Why is video game live streaming becoming popular?

Streaming can be referred to as online video broadcast on certain platforms where the gamer plays the games and entertain his/her viewers. A viewer may be attracted to your witty humour or your playstyle. There may be hundreds and thousands of players watching and cheering as well as mocking you at a certain point in time. You need to stay calm and have confidence in what you are doing. You can earn a handsome six-digit figure monthly by just staying at your home and entertaining your viewers. Various brands worldwide endorse their products or advertise their services on these streams. This can help you earn a huge amount of money. As a streamer, you just need to put a lot of effort into building the community for yourself with consistent content and engagement. You need to tap the viewers’ market as per their interest, and you are good to go in this field. You need to ensure top-notch gameplay that will increase the footfall on your stream.

You can also consider streaming mobile games as they have ample opportunities attached to them. So, if you are considering showcasing your gaming skills and making a career out of it, here, we will discuss different ideas on getting started with your streaming career.

  • Choose what you want for streaming – Do you want to stream PC or console games? If you want to stream through consoles such as Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, you require certain equipment like a capture card that can send footage of your gameplay to a PC. Then you need to decide which game you want to stream or stream multiple games.
  • Choose the equipment as per your suitability – The foremost thing required is a strong PC that can handle multiple programs at a given time. If you are going for console games, you will need a PC compatible to run programs like an internet browser and OBS. And if you are considering to stream PC games, buy the PC which can handle the load of multiple games.

Other important equipment you need to invest in carefully are a microphone, webcam, and headset. A good microphone will ensure clear voice sound, and a good webcam will ensure a clear picture. And if you prefer to play team games, then invest in a headset that comprises noise-cancelling microphone. It will enable you to perform chatting with your viewers as well as a squad with great ease and without compromising audio quality. Another option that will enhance the experience is investing in Key Light, as it will help you look clearer on streaming platforms. You can Download GameSee App for streaming games with convenience.

  • Choose where to broadcast your game streams – There are multiple streaming services such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc., where you can set up a profile. Stream directly from your PS4 to YouTube or from Xbox to Twitch, or any other combinations. Find the site as per your suitability and create an account. After setup, figure out the way you can build a community.
  • Concentrate on building a community – You need to learn the interest of the audience as you are streaming for them. There is a way to communicate with them, like you can set up a discord channel or set up social media profiles. In this way, you can get in touch with your audience and respond as quickly as possible.
  • Setting a proper schedule – Setting a schedule and following it is the most important aspect of streaming. Your audience must know where, when, and what you will be streaming. This will ensure that viewers come back to the platform at the same time to watch your stream as earlier.

There are many career opportunities in the gaming industry; you just need to select the right option, which is suitable for you without compromising your healthy lifestyle. The expansion of the gaming industry into multiple domains has open various options for talented people to earn handsomely.


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