Use a Folding Laptop Table Wherever and Whenever You Want To

In the ongoing pandemic, a laptop has become your inseparable companion. Whether you are a working professional working from home or a student taking online classes, a laptop is by your side 24X7. In the time before COVID-19 hit us, you would get an occasional break from your computer. For instance, you would attend meetings or go to the office pantry for a cuppa with your colleagues.

However, as you work from home, you find yourself staring at the screen nonstop. While it is a device of great convenience and allows mobility while working, a laptop comes with its own set of issues. It is ergonomically not the friendliest option, and continued incorrect posture can result in muscle strain.

If you have been complaining of pain in the neck, shoulder, back, or wrists, your laptop could be the reason to blame. While you cannot stop working on the laptop, you can choose a better seating arrangement. One of the simplest things you can do to resolve these health problems is to get a folding laptop table.

Let us see the benefits of getting a folding laptop table.

1. Raises the screen

When your laptop is on a surface, you have to bend down while working. In this posture, your spine has to bear the weight of your skull. As a result, your head hanging forward is the root cause of most back and neck problems. In medical terms, it is called tech neck. In some individuals, tech neck can be a severe and chronic problem and may require surgery.

An easy way to save yourself from this is to elevate the height of your laptop. Of course, you can do it by arranging a stack of books. However, it is not the safest option and is also not convenient to carry around.

A folding laptop table is an effective solution for this problem. Apart from having an aesthetic look, it will also give you space to place other accessories like a mouse.

2. Lightweight and Portable

In the current scenario, when everyone is confined to their homes, you may find it challenging to find a dedicated space for your workstation. At times, you may want a quiet corner to focus on your work calls. However, during some hours, you may feel like sitting in the company of your family and reply to work emails.

A folding laptop table is lightweight and can be carried anywhere and allow you to create your little working space. You can also take it to a cafe on the days you want a change in your working environment.

3. Increase your metabolism

Sitting all day can be tiring. Moreover, this sedentary lifestyle is the root cause of obesity and many other lifestyle diseases. However, with a folding laptop table, you can work while standing and increase your metabolism. Studies have shown that you can burn up to 170 more calories if you work while standing than sitting.

Moreover, it can enhance your concentration and productivity.

4. Adjustable

When looking for a laptop table online, make sure that you get one with an adjustable height. It will allow you to use it on multiple surfaces. For example, you can use it on your bed, couch, or study table to give a comfortable elevation to your laptop.

In Summary

 Laptops have transformed the way people work. They have helped make the workforce mobile, and today, anyone can work from anywhere. Folding laptop tables can make the use of laptops ergonomically friendlier. By giving height to the computer screens, it can keep your spine in good shape.

Written by Lily A Singh