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[Updated]How To Cancel Avast Subscription 2022

This article will show you how to cancel your avast subscription on PC, Mac, and Android. For the best solution, read the entire article and follow all the steps if necessary.

Are you using Avast antivirus? Avast antivirus is a popular and trusted choice. You can create a new Gmail account if you have an Avast Account, but it is not linked to your email address.

Some people wish to cancel their subscription after using Avast antivirus for a number of years, months or a free trial. We will be discussing how to cancel an Avast subscription in this article. Avast representatives already offer many options to cancel a subscription. Let’s look at all the ways to unsubscribe from Avast.

You can cancel via the Avast Customer Portal

Only if your order was distributed via Digital River or Nexway, you can cancel your subscription through the Avast Customer Portal. Here are the steps to cancel your Avast subscription via the customer portal.

  1. Then, open the confirmation email you received fromno.reply@avast.com.
  2. You can view the email after you have opened it. Password and order ID.
  3. Click the link below to open the avast Customer Portal. 
  4. Register here with a password and id older than 12 months.
  5. Click on the subscription section to proceed. Unsubscribe option you can cancel your subscription.
  6. To let my subscription end, unsubscribe from future renewals.MM/DD/YYYYTo confirm, click on the button.
  7. Click on “It’s there! Option.
  8. This will result in a confirmation email from the avast group. Your subscription has been canceled.

How to cancel an Avast subscription via Avast Support

It is very simple to cancel your avast subscription. Follow the steps in this section.

  1. Find your way to success. In the confirmation email, please include your order you will receive it after you have completed a purchase.
  2. You can visit the Avast Support System or click on the Request Help link provided below.
  3. avast cancel subscription
  4. Fill in all information required. Click here SubmitIt.
  5. This is how you should finish it. The Avast Support team will confirm your cancellation request with you.

How do I cancel my avast trial free of charge?

There are no rules or regulations regarding canceling the avast trial. You can cancel your free trial by uninstalling the software from your computer. This is the easiest way to cancel a free trial.


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