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Understanding the difference between Villa AND Apartments

Home loans from banks and help from financial institutions have made owning and buying a property in India much easier. A buyer must know the major differences between the two in order to make a cognitive purchase of a property in the future. The following are some pointers that a buyer should keep in mind before choosing between an apartment and a villa.

The value/price of a property is one of the most important deciding factors for a buyer while choosing which property to invest in. In terms of a villa or an apartment, the cost of villas is relatively higher than that of an apartment. The maintenance cost of villas is also much higher than the latter. If one considers the commercial aspects of the two, then the apartment is undoubtedly a better and more investment-friendly option. The Pacific Golf Estate spread across 35 acres in Dehradun offers a lavish and spacious furnished apartment in Dehradun. It houses 360 degrees lush greens in 80% of the area of the project and offers world-class separate sports facilities, a swimming pool, a clubhouse, and a jogging track available to its residents.

In a post-Coronavirus world, buyers are likely to judge housing projects, based not only on their price points but also on the kind of amenities they provide. The Pacific Group, passionately committed to real estate promises to deliver real estate solutions to its customers. The Pacific Golf Estate with its 9 hole signature golf course, offers extravagant 3 BHK apartments with a well-structured layout and balconies facing the Himalayan range.

The location of a property is another critical aspect that buyers consider before investing. People usually prefer a property located near hospitals, schools, and offices and has good road connectivity to other important areas of the city. Generally, apartments are located at prime locations within the city precincts and villas are located near the outskirts, in places where there are less noise and pollution. The Pacific Golf Estate is surrounded by the Himalayan range beset with landscapes, water bodies but also houses lush greenery end to end. They offer furnished apartment in Dehradun promising a community-friendly environment.

Today, a housing project with more open spaces, in the form of a park, or badminton court, will attract more buyers as it will help them preserve their lives better. The Pacific Golf Estate is offering 2 BHK apartments and complies with all these necessities of a post covid buyer.

Apartments are a clear winner on the “Return on investment” parameter. A vast majority of Indian real estate buyers are nuclear families for whom smaller set-ups such as 1 BHK apartments are an ideal choice. Depending upon its affordability, apartments are also easier to rent out. The same does not stand true for villas. Owing to its expensive upkeep, the rental income from villas is also invariably low.

In terms of investment, The Pacific Golf Estate is an ideal choice. Many families today due to the work from home culture have started to move to more peaceful cities such as Dehradun. They seek 2 BHK apartments for simple yet holistic living.

In terms of customization, villas offer more freedom to its takers as compared to apartments. Villas can be easily modified to the tastes and styles of the owner however this degree of expansion or reconstruction in apartments is not possible, essentially in 1 BHK apartments.

However, housing projects today, specifically apartments have a perfectly modernized structure and well-constructed designer homes. The Pacific Golf Estate offering well-structured 3 BHK apartments, is one of the prime residential locations of Dehradun offering luxury and modern apartments with all the facilities that a home buyer desires. This neighborhood promises a holistic living experience for its residents along with good transportation, great connectivity, green surroundings, and a rapidly developing social infrastructure.

Villas and apartments have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. Other factors to consider aside from the ones mentioned above are those of security, community, facilities etc. While there is no definitive answer to the villa or apartment debate, there are ways to work around it.

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