Ultimate Guide: Ultrasound Equipment Maintenance Tips

When you invest in ultrasound machines, ensure maintenance and repair checks. That’s part of owning imaging systems. You want to make sure the units perform better and last longer. Proper maintenance makes that happen. Here are several tips to help you.

Perform Daily Checks

Whether you use the machine once in a day or a week, it’s good to check the unit every day. Are there any problems with the basic functions of the machine? Does it turn on or does it take too long? Are there any frayed cords or exposed wires? Daily checks mean you’re well able to pinpoint possible signs of damage early on.

Check the Transducer

The transducer comes in contact with the patient’s body. That’s why it needs to be checked not just every day but after every use. Also, it must be subject to sterilization as well as cleaning techniques that are in full compliance of what the unit’s manual states.

End-of-Shift Check

Make sure your staff also takes a look at the machine once his or her shift ends. It might seem tedious, but it’s a simple enough check and it helps save lives. Check the functionality and the backup. Your staff must do this every single time.

Backup the System

A complete system backup can save you a ton of stress and trouble. If a system failure happens, you or your staff won’t need to spend days just trying to restore your preferences and options as well as presets. If you’ve got backup, you’ll be able to use the machine in no time.

Schedule Maintenance 

A scheduled maintenance helps catch problems with the system. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to wait for the next maintenance check on schedule if you spot a problem. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a maintenance and repair specialist to take a look at your unit. The sooner you get help, the more likely it is to fix the problem with minimal cost and damage to the machine.

Look for a Plan 

It’s easy to forget when the next maintenance session is when you’re busy at work. If you already have your hands full, then it may be best to look for a firm that offers a maintenance plan. Some of the plans last for a year. They remind you when the next session is and then they show up to perform regular inspections and system checks.

Ask About the Plan 

What does the plan cover, though? Being clear about the services you can expect will provide tremendous help in choosing the right service provider. Which one offers the best value for your money? Which one is too good to be true? Make sure you’re well aware of that. If the price is too cheap, it might not be as reliable. Don’t take that risk, or you could end up nursing a headache.

Find the Right Team 

 Don’t rush through the selection process. Take your time. Research your options until you find a credible service provider for maintenance and repair services for ultrasound systems.


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Written by William Woods


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