Types of Degrees for Different Therapy Careers

Well, if you have decided to want to be a professional therapist, then you have made a perfect decision. Why? Different studies have proved that the global healthcare industry now requires more trained as well as new therapists, and the demand will increase more in the coming years. As per a report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the estimated growth for these jobs will be more than the national average. And the current average is 5 percent.

Students who are pursuing their undergraduate degree in Psychology may consider choosing a career in therapy. Well, clinical psychology is just one of the many options available. There are more options and therapy careers that you can choose based on your requirements. Let’s talk about Check out at : Types of Degrees for Different Therapy Careers in detail.

Counseling and Clinical Therapists

If you want to build a career in the field of mental health therapy, then doing a Ph.D.  in counseling or clinical psychology can be a good option. However, you can also go for a Psy.D degree instead of doing a Ph.D. This newer program focuses more on medical practices instead of research. Before you can start your training program, you may need to get a Bachelor’s degree in psychology.


In general, psychotherapists help patients in overcoming the issues in their lives. Those issues can be interpersonal or mental. If you want to be a psychotherapist, first, you need to complete your bachelor’s degree in psychology or any other related field. After that, you can earn your master’s degree in psychotherapy. Besides, it is important to develop sufficient clinical experience. It may be noted that after getting the license, you may need to attain different examinations to keep your license valid.

Licensed Social Workers

While discussing Check out at : Types of Degrees for Different Therapy Careers , you can’t ignore this one. They generally hold a valid master’s degree in social work. When working in this particular field, you may need to do psychotherapy, or you can choose a particular area for your specialization. For instance, while some like to work with adults and some may prefer to opt for working with children. There are some master’s degrees that take two years. But you can choose other available programs to get the degree within just one year of your PG study.

Behavioral Therapist

The primary responsibility of behavioral therapists is to assist people in overcoming their unhealthy behaviors. They generally work with patients with different types of cognitive disabilities, for example, autism. However, they can also work with people with substance abuse issues.

Candidates who want to start their career as behavioral therapists need to get a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Once you have obtained the degree, you can begin working as a behavioral disorder counselor. Licensing requirements will vary from one region to another. For example, in the United States of America, one needs to get a master’s degree along with up to 4000 hours of clinical experience.

Family and Marriage Therapist

Family and marriage therapists are the professionals who treat different psychological issues and mental disorders related to relationships and families. Most of the family and marriage therapy programs require completing at least two years of graduate study related to topics like child psychotherapy, family therapy, marriage counseling, and more. This is an important point to consider while talking about Check out at : Types of Degrees for Different Therapy Careers , as some reports suggest it provides more than 30 percent of jobs.

Licensed School Psychologist

They are generally hired to solve education-related problems and issues. They also work with patients having different social, psychological, and academic issues. Besides, in some cases, they can also collaborate with parents and teachers to help students to deal with the crisis and to manage their behavior. They can work in secondary as well as elementary schools, private clinics, hospitals, or nursing homes. To work as a licensed school psychologist, you should get a specialist or a doctoral degree in school psychology.

Now you have detailed knowledge about Types of Degrees for Different Therapy Careers; now, you can choose the right one based on your career requirements. Obtain the degree, and you will enjoy a bright career option in your life.

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