Troubleshooting common issues on Microsoft Edge

microsoft edge troubleshooter

Method For Troubleshooting common issues on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft in 2015. This is a default web browser in Windows 10. Edge is a very robust and powerful web browser that includes Cortana and various extensions hosted on the Microsoft store. 

The speed of Microsoft Edge browser is very good. But there are few common issues which may get while working on Microsoft Edge. Most of the errors can easily be fixed by using Microsoft Edge Troubleshooter

It is an inbuilt tool which diagnoses and resolves Edge runtime issues.

Microsoft Edge is running slowing

Speed issues in Microsoft Edge can appear due to various reasons like low bandwidth, low RAM, weak internet connection, etc. You can try some manual steps for fixing the speed issues. 

  • Close the Edge browser and all the running programs.
  • Restart your Edge browser. 
  • The page loading issue can appear when one of your pages is consuming an excessive amount of system memory. 
  • Now open the tabs on which you are working one by one. 
  • Check which page is consuming more memory. 
  • Close that page and check whether your speed increases or not.
  • Go to the “…” button and click on more options.
  •  Open an InPrivate browsing window and try opening your pages here.
  • Speed issues can appear due to system junk. 
  • Removing the system junk can also help in fixing the speed issues. 
  • Go to the setting option and click on Choose what to clear option. 
  • Now check all the items you want to delete. 
  • Restart your Edge browser and now you can work with good speed.

Unable to access the internet on Edge

Many people reported that they are unable to use the internet on Edge. They can easily surf the internet on other browsers but Microsoft Edge is showing issues.

When you get the error, check the internet connection. This error can appear when you are using a public network which seems malicious. Edge blocks the network for keeping the browser safe.

 If you are using a public network then connect VPN and then try to open Microsoft Edge. Sometimes the firewall can also block internet access. When you are getting the network issue, disable the firewall temporarily. 

Now open your Edge browser and check whether now you can access the internet or not. If you are still getting the same error then enable the firewall again and ask for technical help.

All web pages are showing “have a problem” message

Many people reported that they are getting an error message on every web page but the internet connection is working. You can fix this error by clearing browser data. Go to the settings page and click on Choose what to clear. Now click on the clear browsing data option. Remove all the Cache from the device and restart your Edge. 

  • A problem error message can also appear when your proxy support is turned on. 
  • Go to the settings menu and navigate to View Advanced Settings button. 
  • Go to the Advanced Settings option and then hit the Open Proxy settings button. 
  • Check all the proxy settings and ensure that all the buttons are Off. 
  • Now close the Microsoft Edge browser and wait for a minute. 
  • Reopen the web browser and now you can easily work on it.

Unable to find downloads and favourites

You can keep the downloads and favourites on the browser to access them easily but some people reported that they are unable to find the downloads. When you get this error, navigate to the taskbar and hit the Hub button. 

Now select the Favorites button (stars-shaped button). You can also select the download of the old favourites from another web browser. Click on the Settings link on the Favorites panel.

 Hit the import from another browser button from the list. Now you can easily connect to all your downloads and favourites.

Unable to use the password of Edge

Password issues appear due to the browser junk. 

  • Go to the settings tab and remove all caches. 
  • You can also get this error due to any recently installed application on the add-on.
  •  Check the installed program list and uninstall the third-party program from your device. 
  • Go to the extensions and remove the malicious add-ons immediately. 
  • Now restart your Edge and check whether your error gets fixed or not.


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