Top 5 Private Detective Agencies In Mumbai

There are a growing number of private detective agencies in Mumbai but not all of them are worth your trust or money. In fact, most of them are not up to the mark and it’s always a big challenge to find the right one from among the lot. And if you’re not ready to do some online research, chances of finding the right agency will be slim.   

But yes, there are some top names as well that maintain the excellence in investigation and offer their customers quality services. They are also responsible for maintaining the professionalism and trust in the market but finding one of them will surely take some search effort. With so much information on the internet, you can easily find the best private detective agency in Mumbai and benefit from their investigation expertise.  

If you’re not sure how to look for top private detective agencies, just scroll this post and read it till the last to get a good grasp on the topic –  

1. Sleuths India   

Sleuths India is a President of India award-winning (also the winner of award from the Home Ministry Affairs) private detective agency with over 20 years of market experience and a robust pan-India presence. It’s a top agency with fully-equipped offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chandigarh & Lucknow, and also among the select agencies whose operations are guided by former officers from the Army, Police, Intelligence Bureau, Research & Analysis Wing (RAW). It’s a trusted company with active membership to some of prestigious trade organizations such as APDI, WAD, ASSOCHAM, PHD Chambers of Commerce, CII (Confederation of Indian industry), NASSCOM, DMA (Delhi Management Association). Apart from huge media coverage and numerous acclaim, the agency is also the one endorsed by top Bollywood actors like Kangna Ranaut and Rajkumar Rao. And it’s office is in the posh Bandra Kurla complex.  

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2. Globe Detective Agency   

Among the detective companies in Mumbai, Globe Detective Agency has a place of repute as it offers not only private investigation solutions but also security solutions. This agency has an all-India presence with offices in different parts of the country and also the distinction for operating in the verticals of Industrial Security and Electronic & Fire Arm Systems.  Whether it’s matrimonial investigation or cyber fraud cases, corporate matters or missing person tracking, this agency can do all and that’s why enjoys a healthy list of clientele. It’s in the market for over a decade and has a team capable of investigating cases of any nature. With a robust infrastructure and a capable team at the disposal, this agency knows how the work is done and that’s why deliver impressive results on a consistent basis.  

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3. Hatfield Detective 

Hatfield Detective is another top name in the private investigation domain with around two decades of market experience and a whole arrange of services in investigation. It has also built a brand on the back of providing reliable services to customers, which has helped it win trust in the market. From background verification to cyber crime, money recovery cases to matrimonial investigations, this agency can handle cases of any type thanks to its expert team and experienced professionals. In fact, it has made a mark in the field of detective services and enjoys a healthy reputation in the market.

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4. City Intelligence

You can easily trust City Intelligence which is a top private agency for detective services and private investigation. This agency has forte in background verification services and enjoys over a decade market experience. If you’re not too much bothered about a vast network or all-India branches and just want quality service and impressive results, this agency can help. You can hire its services for any type of case, be it pre-post matrimonial, cyber frauds, extra-marital affairs, character report verification and so on. If you want good results with any type of investigation and are not too much concerned about the brand name etc. this agency can be great help in meeting your investigation requirements.    

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5. DDS Detective Agency 

DDS Detective Agency ranks among the most reputed detective agencies in Mumbai as it has a solid team at the helm and boasts of a market experience of around 20 years. It has an impressive clientele, focuses on delivering value to customers and enjoys a reputation in the market. Right from matrimonial investigation to loyalty check, background to extra marital affair investigation, it can handle cases of all types and deliver excellent results to customers.

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Well, it’s quite evident that there is a need to do some search before choosing the right agency for private investigation purposes. Make sure you’re not rushed with the decision else you might end up hiring a private detective agency in Mumbai that claims big yet delivers substandard results.


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Written by Praveen Singh


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