Top 2021 Fashion Trends That Are Already In Your Closet

For fashion lovers, the onset of COVID-19 early last year meant they couldn’t really try all those amazing outfits that they had planned. However, the world (and especially Pakistan) has come a long way since then. 2021 has been considerably better and things are certainly looking up for the future.

So, you can finally get those dresses on and flaunt your impeccable style. The best part is that you won’t have to spend a dime on many of the top fashion trends this year. Since a lot of the cool stuff is already in your closet, just pick them out one by one and start creating head-turning looks.

New Benchmarks in Women’s Fashion

These fashion clothes for women are usually present in most female wardrobes. See if there are any that you still have to add to yours.

1. Oversized Pants

Tight-fitting pants (and jeans) seemed to exclusively rule the roost in the past. But, the trend has somewhat changed in recent years. Of course, that is not to suggest that snug trousers are going away any time soon. Women still love them. However, they also prefer something looser every now and then, especially in the times when we are working from home mostly. These loose-cut pants are comfortable and you can easily go about doing everyday chores while wearing them. 

This is where oversized pants/trousers come in with regard to 2021 fashion trends. Nowadays, they’re mostly paired with slim-fitting or cropped tops. That way, the baggy bottoms don’t come across as lazy. Besides, you don’t have to stick to just one type. Be creative and experiment with yoga pants, loose-fitting slacks, wide-leg jeans, etc. 

2. Belts

In the old days, belts were considered nothing more than a practical accessory. Now, however, they’re becoming a women’s fashion essential. You might already have seen lots of mid-section belts this year.

And if you’ve got a few in your closet too, this is the time to get them out. Use the statement buckle to cinch your maxi, blazer, or sweater at the waist. It’s certainly a look worth trying if you haven’t done so already.

3. Maxis, Dresses, and Gowns

These are highly versatile options found in most women’s clothing stores. In years gone by, they’ve been used extensively during informal gatherings (friends’ meetups, nights out on the town, etc.) as well as formal events (weddings, corporate lunches/dinners, etc.).

Specifically, the maxi has been labeled as a “blanket dress” in recent times. This is because of its tendency to completely cover the body whether you’re out somewhere or just chilling at home. To up your style quotient, try combining them with tight-fitting jeans/trousers or a mesh turtleneck.

4. Dungarees

Dungarees or overalls may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, if YOU have a taste for them, there are quite a few possibilities. Aside from the obvious combo of dungarees and a tee-shirt, you can also pair those overalls with a turtleneck. Finish off the look by opting for shiny high heels (stilettos, wedges, etc.) along with various accessories.

5. Bracelets and Bangles    

Bangles, bracelets, and other similar items have long been a fashion staple for women in this part of the world. And they feature prominently among the key fashion trends 2021 has to offer.

These accessories can add to your overall look and be the highlight of your attire. If your dress is too simple or dull, you can always add stylish jewelry and create a more formal or dressy look.  For an office or a more formal event, an elegant bracelet will not look too flashy. When it’s a wedding or similar formal gathering, a cultural dress with bangles can’t go wrong. And for your everyday wear, a stylish bracelet won’t ever go amiss. Try them out today!  

Men Fashion Trends 2021 Has to Offer

For the gentlemen in our midst, there are some great options too. Again, most of these won’t cost you anything since they’re likely to be in your closet already.

1. Jeans and Pants: The Evergreen Wardrobe Essentials

Jeans made of raw or dark denim are a men’s fashion staple. However, they aren’t the most suitable for the blazing hot summers here. But, no need to worry!

A simple solution is now available. It’s called “mid-wash denim” which is a couple of shades lighter than usual. If you haven’t jumped onto this bandwagon by now, do it at the first opportunity. Quality mid-wash denim jeans are available at most clothing stores around the country. And they’re not going away any time soon!

2. Layering for Warm Weather

Layering is a good option if you’re in need of a new fashion dress. But, is this a sensible approach given the long summers here?

Well, guess what? If done right, layering can become your go-to summer style tactic in 2021. For the best look, choose a front-open checkered (formal) shirt with a plain tee or polo underneath. That way, when it’s too hot, you can simply remove the upper layer and tie it around your waist while moving about.

3. Tees, Polos, and Casual Shirts

Tees, polos, and casual shirts are some other staples when it comes to men’s fashion clothing. There are many reasons why males of all ages love them. For starters, they’re simple and refined but look great on the wearer. Secondly, they can make you look slimmer and taller than usual.

Before going away, there’s a little something we’d like to say. The key to successfully pulling off these closet fashion trends is not overthinking things. If you do, that will only add to the complications.

As the weather changes from winter to summer and back to winter again, keep a few exclusive items in your wardrobe. For the ladies, this can include maxis, cashmere blazers, vests, baggy trousers, etc. While for the men, this can include mid-wash denim jeans, tees, polos, etc.


Written by Adeel Abbas