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Tips To Get Your Brows And Lashes Party-ready

What is it that makes you party-ready? Your makeup, your hair, or your attire? Well, none. The two things that can completely glam up your look are your eyebrows and lashes. Imagine glamming up from head to toe, but ungroomed brows and clumpy lashes. All the attention will be grabbed by the two. If you have an event or party to attend anytime soon, pay keen attention to eyebrow shaping and maintaining long lashes. If your brows and lashes are in place and groomed, everything else will not matter as much. The eyebrows and the eyelashes will do the talking for you. 

Let us find out the different ways in which we can get your brows and lashes party-ready:

Eyebrow Shaping –

What is the one thing that frames your face and gives it dimension? It is your eyebrows! There are several different methods to achieve sharp brows. Some of which have been around for a very long while some have just entered the league and are performing very well. The best and the most trustworthy way to shape them is to visit a professional eyebrow-shaping salon. Although many people rely on tweezing excess hair around the brows, this can cause ingrown hair or over-tweezed brows. At Wisp Lashes, the brow expert provides shape and structure to the focal point of the face: the eyebrows. The professional first books an appointment to discuss with you your desired brow shape and provide suggestions as to what will suit your face structure. After the session, the expert will tell the perfect thickness and the right place for the arch. This will be followed by applying a thin layer of wax and gently pulling excess hair, revealing the natural eyebrow shape. The left-over hair will be plucked using a tweezer. This will complete your brow shaping process and give you party-ready brows. 

Besides waxing and tweezing, some other methods to get your eyebrows party-ready are given below. 

Threading – 

This is the most reliable brow shaping technique throughout the globe. Here the excess hair is threaded from the roots using a fine thread. The hair is pulled out due to friction created between the threads. It is less painful and offers the best results for 3 to 4 weeks.  However, it is not a permanent solution to brow shaping. 

Brow tinting – 

It is a painless solution for people with fine eyebrows. The process makes use of semi-permanent dye color which resembles the natural hair color. It is a time-saver as one does not need brow filling in your everyday makeup routine. This is perfect if one has events and parties to attend back-to-back.

Brow lamination – 

This is also known as a brow lift. The process vertically lifts the brows and straightens them to give a fuller-looking appearance. If you are a frequent party animal and wish to get into the trend of soap and laminated brow shaping, visit the eyebrow shaping page on wisp lashes. They are the experts in this arena.

Eyelash extension – 

The biggest concern during festive events and outings is the fear of smudging the mascara and turning up with clumpy eyelashes. Heavy eye makeup can be daunting and time-consuming. In situations where one does not have enough time to do their eyes, classic eyelash extensions come to their rescue. They enhance the beauty and reduce the need for excessive makeup. With eyelash extensions, you can wave goodbye to clumpy and smudgy mascara, false lashes, and lash curler. Eyelash extensions can give a dramatic look that can last for a few weeks. It eliminates the need for using heavy-duty false lashes. Moreover, it boosts confidence and enhances the individual’s persona. The best part about getting lash extensions is that the lashes are customizable and are altered for every one of you. The experts at Wisp Lashes will help you choose your perfect set of eyelash extensions. Why have the same set of lashes when we all are unique in our different ways!

Let us look at different styles of eyelash extensions below: 

Mink eyelash extension –

Mink lashes are the most preferred option for most people as a form of classic eyelash extensions. It is natural and versatile. It is known to beautify what is naturally there. Since they are very lightweight and natural-looking, some people wish to add additional lashes to intensify the look. This set of lashes will certainly make you put-together at the party.

Silk eyelash extension – 

This category of extensions is the perfect balance between sober and heavy. They are neither too lightweight, nor too dramatic. The best part of these lashes is that they are low maintenance and do not need extra precaution while showering. The selling point for synthetic eyelash extension is that one does not need to curl the lashes every day, unlike mink lashes. This eyelash style does not need excess eye makeup as the lash does the talking.

Synthetic eyelash extension –


These are the most heavy-duty, dramatic, and diva styles of lashes. These are the preferred choices for people who have upcoming events and occasions. If you have an upcoming event, synthetic eyelashes are your way to go.

Last lift –

If getting an extension feels heavy on your pockets we have a budget-friendly alternative that makes your lashes look darker and thicker. Yes ladies you guessed it right Lash Lift it is. In simple terms, lash lift is like getting a perm for your eyelashes.


To summarise, irrespective of your makeup, dress, and hair, if your eyebrows and eyelashes are ungroomed and undone, it will break the entire look. Hence, plan a grooming session with the eyebrow and eyelash expert at Wisp Lashes to get you party-ready every day. 

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