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Tips To Clean And Maintain Hanstone Quartz Countertops

Hanstone quartz countertops are one of the most popular choices for commercial spaces due to their durability, sustainability, and aesthetics. Quartz countertops are commonly used in industries like healthcare, hospitality, retail business are more. The product is durable, resilient and beautiful. Hanstone Quartz is heat, bacteria stain and scratch resistant. Its nonporous nature makes it an ideal surface for residential or commercial applications. Hanstone Quartz offers design flexibility to make any vision a reality. Hanstone quartz countertops in NewYork come in various shapes, patterns and colours that you can choose from to match your commercial space.

Once quartz countertops are fixed, they have to be maintained carefully to retain their beauty and durability. Though hanstone quartz is resistant to scratches, stains, chemicals, etc, countertops should be cleaned carefully.

What To Avoid

  • Cutting: Quartz countertops are scratch resistant but not scratch proof. So do not use this countertop for cutting. Make sure to use a cutting board.
  • Chipping:Quartz countertops are chip resistant but not chip proof. So make sure that the countertops do not chip, especially around the corner. Using multi-colored quartz can hide any chipping.
  • Bleach:Commercial kitchen countertops may come in contact with cooking grease which is difficult to get rid of. Do not use any strong concentrated bleach or cleaners on hanstone countertops to clean the grease as it can damage the surface of the countertop. Make sure that you use a greasing product to clean and make the cleaner contains bleach.
  • Wax and Polishing:Quartz countertops are nonporous, and don’t require waxes or sealants to keep their luscious gloss and ultra-smooth surface.
  • High pH cleaners:Like bleach, cleaners with high pH should not be used to clean the countertop. Use mild alkaline solutions as they will not damage your countertop. 
  • Strong chemicals:Keep strong chemicals and solvents like paint removers, furniture stripper, oil soaps, nail polish remover etc away from quartz countertops as they can damage the finish. 
  • Heat: Quartz countertops are resistant to heat, but exposure to too much heat can damage them. Make sure to use hot mats or trivets to place hot items from the stove or oven on the countertop.
  • Permanent marker: Do not use permanent markers or ink on a quartz countertop. If the ink comes in contact with the quartz surface, use only mild solutions or hot water to rinse and clean the mark.

Routine Cleaning

Keeping your countertop clean is important to retain its beauty. You can use normal water and soap to clean the surface and maintain the lustrous gloss and radiant sheen. Use warm water, a damp,non-abrasive cloth and a small amount of non-abrasive cleaner that does not contain bleach.Liquid spills and stains from fruits, vegetables, or other foods should be immediately cleaned with soap and water. If there are rust stains, clean them with oxalic acid. Apply the acid on top of the stain for 10 minutes and then wipe it down with soap and water. Avoid putting hot pans on the countertop — always use trivets.

Even though hanstone quartz countertops are durable, sustainable and versatile, proper maintenance is important. A regular cleaning routine and proper care can retain the aesthetics and durability of these countertops. Hanstone countertop New York offers hanstone quartz come in various colours, shapes and patterns and a reliable dealer can help you choose the right option for your setting.

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