The Ultimate Guide to the Reiki Hand Positions for Anxiety and Stress

Do you get anxious or stressed out a lot? Reiki is a powerful energy healing technique that can be used by anyone – regardless of their spiritual background. Reiki is an ancient Eastern healing art of energy balancing through various hand positions. It can be used as a self-care technique to reduce anxiety and stress levels among many other benefits.

In the following post, we will discuss reiki hand positions and how they are beneficial. We will also provide some reiki exercises that readers can do at home or on the go!

How does Reiki work?

The reiki treatment channels energy to the client from a reiki practitioner. This healing art is based on the idea of a universal life force that flows through all living things, so it’s not necessary for someone to be present in order for Reiki to work. The Reiki hand positions are focused mainly on grounding and releasing anxiety, stress, and other negative energy.

The Reiki hand positions that are used for anxiety help the client feel more balanced, grounded, and relaxed. Clients can experience an increased sense of calmness as well as a decrease in physical symptoms related to stress such as high blood pressure or insomnia.

It’s important to note that reiki treatment is not a cure for anxiety but rather reiki can be used to help the client feel more balanced and relaxed.

Performing Reiki Self-Treatment:

First, reiki treatment can be used for self-care as a more powerful way to reduce anxiety and stress. The reiki hand positions are done on the upper body or head in order to help release tension from high levels of anxiety or stress.

Here are some examples:

Hand Position #1

One of the best ways to start a Reiki treatment is If you are feeling stressed or anxious, bring your hands together in a prayer position below your chin for a few moments. Breathe deep and slow while you are doing this, as it will relax your body and mind.

Hand Position #2

Place both hands on top of your head. Breathe deeply and go into a relaxed state. Focus all your energy on the tops of your hands while they rest on the crown chakra, allow this head acupressure point to reduce your anxiety and promote energy healing.

Hand Position #3

First place both of your hands over the orbits of your eyes. Try not to place them on top of your nose, but leave enough room for you to be able to breathe easily. Close your eyes and breathe deeply into the muscles under your skin that are in this area. When you feel sleepy, try opening one eye at a time.

Hand Position #4

Place your right hand over your throat and your left hand over your heart. Imagine that a tube runs from your throat to the outside air, visualize as you inhale deeply. Visualize as you exhale out through this tube originating at the base of your spine. Continue breathing slowly and calmly while focusing on these sensations for 10 minutes per day or before bedtime.

Hand Position #5

Place your hands just below the breast line so that the middle fingers are touching each other. Breathe slow and deep breaths for 3-5 minutes to help reduce stress, drawing attention to the area under your breasts where you place your hands. This hand position will help relax tension in the muscles of your chest and rib areas.

Hand Position #6

Place your hands one hand-width below the abdomen, with each palm over a few fingers width of the stomach. If possible, meet the left and right sides of your palms at one point between them. Continue breathing slowly and deeply while focusing on feeling this area relax.

Hand Position #7

Place your palms on your navel and stomach areas. Continue to breathe in slow and deep breaths. Focus your attention on this area of the body, allowing it to relax muscles underneath it This hand position is best for helping readers with their anxiety levels.

Hand Position #8

Place your hands on the shoulder area, and take a slow and deep breath. Continue to focus your attention on this hand position until you feel the muscles relax.

Hand Position #9

Begin placing your hands just above the kidney area. Focus your attention on these areas of the body and use this hand position to decrease any tension here. Continue taking slow deep breaths to allow this feeling of relaxation to spread throughout your body.

Hand Position #10

Place your hands on the top of one foot. The soles of both feet will be across from each other, and you want to place your hand on the side that is opposite to the leg with which you crossed as in Figure 10. Cross your legs if necessary in order to reach the foot with which you have placed your hand. Don’t strain yourself and just do what feels comfortable for you.


Whether you’re looking for Reiki Healing in London, Ikebana classes in London, or any other holistic therapy in any other major city, make sure that you’re dealing with a certified Reiki practitioner. There are lots of Reiki healing and other Eastern practicing holistic therapists and they’re not all equal!

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