The Power to manage business ‘on-the-go’ for eCommerce leaders.

Living through a pandemic has altered the way people across the world shop, leading to a remarkable increase in the demand for eCommerce. This situation has raised some significant challenges for eCommerce CxOs and senior leaders with the situation demanding their businesses to be incredibly faster, reactive and accurate.

Also, with teams not physically present at all times, leaders face unique challenges of keeping their operations running smoothly while minimizing the errors, and having a clear picture of their performance at all times. Keeping all such challenges in mind, we launched the SelluSeller Mobile App that empowers owners to monitor & manage businesses on-the-go.

Unlock New Possibilities with the SelluSeller App

The app brings complex eCommerce sales, operations, and business performance data in real- time to CxO’s & business leaders on Android and iOS platforms. This completely eliminates the need for being physically present in one space or coordinating with a distributed team. With a bird’s eye view of your multi-channel backend operations in your palm 24*7, you can actually manage them on your fingertips.

Take a look at everything you can do through this app:

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Written by Nick chan