The End of the Show

As exhilarating events unexpectedly draw closer to our experience with time, we can just sense the beating of our hearts as though they were about to spring from our chest. However, when we encounter the situation, we realize that it is not the same as the typical setup of a movie production, where there are scripts to steer for the perfect introduction of ready made duck egg eyelet curtains.

There will be no more executives who expend hours perfecting an artist’s facial gestures, acts, and other facets of her or his persona. There will be no further cuts! There are no more scribbling formatted lines from a copy. For it is unquestionably a do-or-die scenario. We, like every other occupation in our community these days, especially the burgeoning population of nursing students, have the right to portray our own unique position based on our skills. 

One of the most challenging chapters of a nurse’s career is the drama of Group Planning Participatory Intervention Study- COPAR, which, when outlined, was a salad of adventure. It was the epitome of real-life drama. There was a comedy—rolling around on the floor laughing—followed by a horror-thriller in which our faces turned ghostly white and we burst out in cold sweats with terror and panic. The innumerable possibilities were true. We laughed… We battled it out using our wits to get out of the middle of nowhere. We blamed ourselves and our fellow representatives for the unfavorable conditions that contributed to the shambles of our relations. We screamed out in an effort to relieve our worsening financial condition when we had previously troubled our parents. All of this was combined into a single COPAR exposure experience. It was all or nothing for BARANGAY LANGUB!

Please fasten your seatbelt when you surf this exceptional incident, scribbling every page of this one-of-a-kind encounter. Hold your breath for a moment. For a sordid “past and herstory” of the party founders, get out your bulky sheets of KLEENEX to wash away the eyes. And get ready to be a part of the roller coaster situation, with all of its ups and downs, twists and turns. Join us on our journey!

Hello and hello!

The circle was full. The paraphernalia had been withdrawn. Attendance has also been checked. To penetrate the area, members flocked to the lobby with zeal and altruism. We lingered in our leased multi-cab, which was yellow in color. We waited for a go signal and will be going to Brgy. Language in a short time. We took a deep breath, crammed all of our wishes, aspirations, and beliefs into a sturdy knapsack of basics, slung it across our heads, and set out around the adopted city to start helping lives in our own special form of Community Organizing Participatory Action Science.

Group 57 had a long day ahead of them! Prior to the formal entry to the venue, we stopped by in Puan for a courtesy call. The brief caucus of barangay leaders, health care staff, and the majority of the community’s governing body was next in line. We enjoyed the trip in the multi-cab, which was yellow in color. Every eye was glued to the scenic glory of nature’s wonders, converting every line of vision into pure green and luxuriating in the road’s allure. The audience was enthralled, fully enthralled by the elegance of the first rays of light breaking off the horizon, with “GREAT RISING SUN” commanding the area to be bathed in sunshine. The roadside, with its scenic presentation, was a totally different encounter – it was awe-inspiring. It beckoned to everyone as a healing haven, a respite from the stresses of the day.

Our senses were soothed by the freezing morning air, which held the raw and soothing fragrance of early morning dew. It instilled in us a sense of zeal and hope for the day ahead. The extraordinary scenarios were perfectly ironic to the presentation of the physical setup of the site, particularly when considering the majority of the residents of Purok 6 and 7. People were a standard example of the apparent poverty in which we have been grappling for how many decades up to this stage. We appealed to the mass’s therapeutic partnerships as we traveled through the city. The clinical teachers, on the other side, submitted their participation for a caucus to plan for the next four weeks’ events and such. Students flocked in droves, pulling out their cameras and striking the right pose for a billboard photoshoot. Or just imagining themselves as FHM or Maxim cover boys/girls, the top paying models in the world at the time. They were, therefore, stars in their own right. The location was ideal for certain commercial photo shoots. A deeper examination of the abundance of scenery revealed that it was simply promising.

It took a long time for our clinical instructors to settle on a task to base its authority on the designated parks after they completed the equitable separation of reach and duty as well as labor. Our CI confirmed that Groups 57 and 58 would combine, with Purok 6 and 7 performing the functions of the COPAR pre-entry process. The mechanical item headed to our parks was then maneuvered by “Mamang Driver.” The near experiences with spectacular scenes that were out of the norm were really remarkable. The tour towards the cliff, with its tall trees lining the concrete path, served as a reminder of my beloved province, where I spent my childhood as a babe in the bush. As a consequence, we performed an original social investigation for the group immersion from the ground up. We said our goodbyes to the city when we returned to our school at the end of the day.

THE ESCAPEES are a collective of citizens who have managed to run free from

We were giggling. We had a nice chuckle. We took a deep breath and our faces became ghostly white as we felt scared. There will be no more jokes. There will be no more chances to dress up in our beaming faces. When our group mates hurled their punch lines, there was no more laughter. The drama was authentic! Eight students produced a futuristic version of misplaced students in the jungle who had encountered a life-or-death situation.

The promising day beckoned for a new untold tale to be introduced to the COPAR BULKY OF STORIES set. As usual, the accustomed circle started the calendar day off correctly by being the first thing to happen at 7:30 a.m. We boarded a yellow multi-cab with our rented driver, who was portrayed as excited about driving the vehicle to the venue. The environment within the fast-moving vehicle was packed with optimistic energy. The early chapters were concerned with a number of subjects in order to lighten up the first hour of the day. The party did also urge all to pursue a cheerful disposition and an upbeat outlook. The punch lines were readily accessible for launching a blitzkrieg assault on our group members in order to elicit laughs and satire from our aspiring stand-up comics. The exemplary serenity and beyond imagination background of nature, as well as the zephyr that refreshes our perspective on life, greeted us as the group’s tempo was getting into the right position. The tall trees made the location suitable for a fleeting respite from the city’s eyesore.

Written by Howardtheatre