The best desktop pcs for video editing 2020

Video editing requires intense execution, loading and uploading with its heavy-voltage software or application usage. Being a professional Video editor is, in fact, more time-taking and responsible job and for that one needs to own a powerful desktop PC. There are many powerful desktop PCs in the tech-market that perform reliably in most of the aspects with their fully loaded pictures. However, for a great video editing Desktop PC, you should focus on the display, graphics, and of course overall speed of your system.

If you are looking out for the right video editing desktop PC, your number one focus should be the display, and then the SSD and RAM will matter. The graphics level of your Desktop PC should be up-to-mark because video editing requires a lot of graphical interaction. Sometimes you have to edit high-graphics videos and if your Desktop PC provides high-quality visuals, your creative capacity is already influenced.

Whether you are a pro video editor or just got started with it, our narrowed-down desktop PCs can help you big time in choosing in your next best Desktop PC.

Lenovo Legion T5 Tower PC Intel Core I5-10400

Processor:  Intel Core i5-10400

Storage: 512GB SSD, RAM: 16GB

GPU: Dedicated Graphics NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB

Windows 10 Home 64-bit

No matter how extensive video editor you are, the Lenovo Legion T5 gets fully loaded features for all type of users. From Adobe Premiere Pro to intense software like Corel for video editing, the Legion T5 has the right muscle to deal with the heavy usage. This power beast packs Intel core i5 as its processor that boosts with the maximum turbo speed of 4.1 GHz. This processor speed can take every kind of program or software and run it with a very smooth speed.

The massive RAM of 16GB comes in strong combination with 512GB solid-state drive storage to overcome any excessive multitasking. Even if you have to create film-industry level video editing files, the Lenovo Legion T5 makes sure to let you edit everything with ease.

This core i5 Desktop PC also include Dedicated graphics by NVIDIA with 6GB memory, which is ideal for high-quality visuals. While editing videos, its necessary that you get to see high-level and crisp graphics so you can work with best visuals on your screen. The dedicated graphics by NVIDIA allows discrete graphics solution for multimedia users. You will also like this Desktop PC if you love watching long-hour movies and videos.

Lenovo ThinkStation P330t Tower Workstation

Processor: Intel Core i7-9700

Octa Core Processor, Max Turbo Speed 3.0 GHz-4.8 GHz

Storage: 256GB SSD, RAM: 8GB

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

If you were finding a compact and solid Desktop PC in under 1000-pound budget, the Lenovo ThinkStation P330T could be the best option. In £869.99, you get everything a creative workflow requires, whether its editing pro-level videos, photos or you are compiling a film production. This Desktop PC comprises Intel core i7 as its processor with the maximum turbo speed of 4.8 GHz. This speed is indeed bombastic for any high-intensity tasks you throw at it.

Who doesn’t like moving pictures with incredible sounds with a rocking edit? And that’s why the value of video editors has been on top lately. But, for an amazing video editing presentation, one has to have the solid device for it. This core i7 processor comes packed with 256GB solid-state drive storage and a decently potent 8GB RAM.

On the graphics side, the Lenovo ThinkStation can support NVIDIA graphics that are known for providing clear, crisp, and vivid visuals. The Windows 10 Pro included in this core i7 Desktop PC is just what a video editor would need on a medium to bigger level. This Desktop PC also supports security features including TPM 2.0 for added safety of your PC. So, if you have saved huge video files in your PC, you should feel safe to store them in this PC. 

Intel NUC Mini Desktop PC Intel Core I5

8GB RAM, Storage: 256GB SSD

Processor: Intel Core i5-10210U

GPU: Integrated Graphics Intel UHD

OS: Windows 10 Home

Just not like a typical Mini Desktop PC, the Intel NUC performs unexpectedly and delivers best value for its price. With Intel core i5, its usual that you get a multitasking environment without any major slowdown or lag. For video editing, this Mini Desktop PC works efficiently for however long you are working and what ever software you use. Either you are an Adobe master or work to produce drama level graphic content, this PC is a portable video editing Desktop PC.

On the top of everything, if you are not satisfied with the Intel integrated graphics included in this PC, you can easily upgrade the graphics to NVIDIA. As NVIDIA dedicated graphics are unbeatable, some high-level video editors can go for it without any doubt.

You also get facilitated with 8GB RAM and an SSD storage of 256GB, which is decent enough for operating most of the heavy media software applications.

Bottom Line

Our favourite 3 picks for video editing Desktop PCs are especially compiled for every kind of video editor out there. If you need to check out latest deals and offers on core i3, core i5 and core i7 Desktop PCs, you can log on to Retail Direct official store.



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