The Advantages of a Buying A Gaming Cabinet

Gaming cabinets are basically simple enclosures or cases in which all the necessary PC Hardware components are placed together to enhance and accentuate gaming experience. In case of Gaming Cabinet, there is specially defined space for all of your PC Hardware that placed in such a manner to look cooler and more appealing. So what are the features that one should look out for when buying a Gaming cabinet? Lets discuss the different types of Gaming cabinets with their features.

The first type is called an arcade cabinet. This is an inexpensive type of gaming cabinet that looks like an old style coin operated arcade machine. Usually, these cabinets come with standard game controllers, CD ROMs, wall mounted VGA monitors and other basic electronic components. They are usually designed to resemble a traditional game arcade. However, they lack storage space and are mainly used to display single video games.

Drive bays are essential to any gaming cabinets. Drive bays store all the necessary hardware components like optical drives, SCrollers, ROMs and other devices. Some of the popular drive bays include “RAID” arrays, 3D-printed drives and DVD drives. Other types of drive bays are” Serial ATA” (SATA) and” Parallel ATA” (PATA). Most of the latest arcade cabinets are equipped with both these types of drive bays. Some of the latest gaming cabinets under 3000  have an expanded disk storage space referred to as “removable disk racks” that allow gamers to add additional CD ROMs and DVDs.

Other than the above said components, most of the modern gaming cabinets are fitted with high definition monitors, electronic components, audio systems, keyboards / headsets and other accessories. If you are looking for a budget gaming cabinet then you will surely find one that comes with a standard VGA video adapter and high resolution monitor. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can opt for a VGA to DVI or a HDMI to VGA conversion. However, in that case, make sure that the conversion card is of good quality.

One of the main factors that determine the price of gaming cabinets is their storage space. A big cabinet will obviously cost more than a smaller one. The reason for this is obvious – the bigger the cabinet, the more storage space it will have.

There are plenty of gaming PC cases available in the market that boast of features such as roomy drive bays, spacious interiors and plenty of storage space. For example, one of the latest designs is the atx cabinet with one x 140mm drive bays, two external fans, two zip front doors and one rear flip door. It has all the elements of a modern desktop computer case, yet it fits perfectly into an office environment. It even comes equipped with a USB 2.0 port, an RCA cable and an audio port. The atx case looks sleek and elegant, and it comes in different colors such as black, gray and blue.

Another version is the mini gaming cabinet which has all the features of the bigger ones but at a much lower price. It can easily hold three hard drives. It also has roomy interiors and spacious drive bays. The drive bays are aplenty and you can have either 2 x 120mm or one x 140mm drives depending on the size of your system. It also has three front panel ports, which are useful for connecting external devices. It has a very reasonable price tag of $100.

Last but not least, you can choose between a gaming case with a front glass or one without front glass. The tax board offers a tempered glass design which is virtually impenetrable by insects and dust. There are many models of these cabinets available online. You can choose from a range of colors and designs such as black and white or clear and colored.

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Written by Uttam