Testosterone: The Man's Natural Hormone

When we are talking about being muscular, or a person packed on with a lot of muscle mass in the body or simply building our body, this natural hormone is very vital for the growth and its development and especially in giving birth to a child it is very beneficial. There have been several studies conducted on how you can boost or increase your testosterone levels as the modern-day lifestyle is hampering its basic levels of enrichment. So there are stories and researchers proven on its enrichment and enrichment through the supplementation and natural remedies which are basically herbs, shrubs, etc. Moreover, it is the basic lifestyle that matters the most for

the growth and development of this natural God gifted product, which is being depleted in some of the people all around the globe. And this needs to be taken into concern as it may destroy you fully inside and mentally as well. The synthetic versions are available as a drug for some special cases who are not at the base level of testosterone while females lack this hormone but today science has made it possible for females too to have this hormone if they desire muscularity, through medical treatments. But to be frank, this is a man’s product and suited for the man itself. Levels of testosterone naturally decrease with age, but exactly what level constitutes “low tests level,” or hypogonadism, is controversial, Harvard School of Medical said. Testosterone levels vary wildly, and can even differ depending on the time of day they’re measured (levels tend to be lower in the evenings). The National  Institute Of Health includes the following as possible symptoms of low testosterone:

Reduced sex drive

Erectile dysfunction or impotence

Increased breast size

Lowered sperm count

Hot flashes

Depression, irritability, and inability to concentrate

Shrunken and softened testes

Loss of muscle mass or hair

Bones becoming prone to fracture

It is important to note, however, that conditions other than low T can cause erectile dysfunction, such as diseases in the nerves or blood. Today in the fast-paced world everyone wants to have fun and enjoyment and because of this, they are acquiring a bad and unhealthy lifestyle, which in the long run is not at all be tolerated. The human body is a gift of mankind and it is being manipulated and destroyed by itself.

Fitness plays a very vital role in the maintenance of the natural hormone found in humans (especially men) so it is mandatory to involve some sort of physical activity it may be playing sports, outdoors,


, etc. Therefore, for a smooth, happy, and successful lifecycle of human beings, it is vital for adapting to the things that give a positive response to life and its prospects which includes physical activities, a properly balanced diet, and sanitation.

Written by Aman Soni