Tamilnadu Style Mutton Briyani

Mutton Cooked during a spicy onion-tomato, mint-coriander leaves, all spices powder for gravy is added to flavoured with seeraga samba rice/basmati rice with some ghee flavor was cooked to end . Finally served with brinjal curry and rita to relish this rice and meat dish.

As we grew up, this mutton briyani dish of our home that creates on every function of Diwali, New Year, Birthday or any special occasions. This manner of creating Tamil Nadu style mutton briyani which we adapted from our bestie. I’m not bold to call this the Tamil Nadu briyani because the state has regional briyanis that are different but similar like Dindugal briyani, Ambur briyani, Hydrabad briyani etc…

My first plan to make Tamilnadu style Mutton Briyani was grew up eating. 1st take 1:2 of mutton and rice. For eg. Rice ½ kg and meat should 1 kg and wash and drain the rice – doesn’t require to be soaked. In heat pan add oil and ghee that needed for quantity, then add sliced chopped onion and tomato. Saute this on medium flame until it starts browning , then add some mint-coriander leaves, ginger-garlic, green chilly paste, and saute this again well and add some spices powder, add some curd, atlast add flavor for ghee. This briyani involves a careful layering of all the flavours, making this a real culinary delight like none other.

This recipe is for Tamil Nadu style mutton briyani, where the various spices and aromas are release all their flavours, then sautéed well and cooked with mutton to offer a flavor briyani. The briyani is best made with fresh ingredients with onion, tomato, ginger, garkic, green chilly and good flavoured spices.

Here, within the states. I make chicken briyani during this way, but it not quality like mutton briyani and homemade briyani makes even a daily sort of a special one.

 There are many  things that never change out of trend and briyani is one. Its evergreen meal with an insatiable craving. The experience of having a good briyani can give you by Arbatskaya Restaurant.