Taking Care of Your Body after IVF: Here's How to Ace It

As of 2019, there were 8 million IVF babies, with 2.5 million cycles being performed each year. In India, the success rate stands at 30% to 35%. IVF is a treatment that gives hope to childless couples about the possibility of becoming parents in the future. Although it is a highly successful assisted reproductive procedure, mothers-to-be need to take good care of their health, post IVF, otherwise, they might experience ovarian discomfort, which could lower the chances of conception, say the best IVF centres in Hyderabad.So, here’s a look at the ways you can take care of yourself after the IVF procedure.

Stay Active

Contrary to a common belief, embryos do not detach after implantation without rest. Therefore, complete bed rest is unnecessary. In fact, resting immediately after a transfer might have negative effects, like increasing the chances of miscarriage by 27.5%, according to an article on the National Center for Biotechnology Information. So, simply aim at 7-8 of undisturbed sleep daily and mild to moderate activity through the day. However, if you do feel like taking a nap during the day, do so.

Ensure a Healthy Diet

Besides positive energy and regular moderate exercise, a well-balanced diet plays a crucial role in increasing the chances of a successful IVF procedure. Consult your doctor to know whether you need to include zinc, healthy fats, folic acid and protein in your meals. Add loads of fresh fruits, like banana and pineapples. The must-have vegetables are broccoli, spinach and sprouts. Also, make sure to consume generous amounts of milk, nuts, cheese, tofu and legumes. Lastly, add iron-rich food like apples to ensure hemoglobin synthesis for better oxygenation of the reproductive tissues.

Consider Vitamin Supplements

Along with nutritious natural foods, try to include vitamin supplements, such as Vitamin D and other prenatal supplements, to reduce the risk of complications like anemia or neural tube damage during pregnancy. learn about the herbs and ingredients that are not suitable post IVF.

Exercise Regularly

To ensure rich blood flow to the uterus, doctors at the best IVF centres in Hyderabad suggest resuming daily activities soon after the procedure. Being lethargic or resting for several hours can lead to hormonal imbalance and complications in the endometrial lining. So, go for walks, stay involved in domestic chores and perform moderate exercises (stretching or yoga) at home.

Maintain Good Hygiene

Firstly, avoid soaking yourself in a hot bathtub. It might raise your body temperature, which is dangerous for the embryo. In fact, taking a shower in cold water is advisable. You should make sure to wash your genitals and keep them fresh to avoid urinary tract infections. Try not to use scented, foam-based soaps, gels or vaginal creams. Also, abstain from sex since the pelvic muscles require sufficient rest. 

Around 25% of embryos result in a live birth. So, make sure you do not have to second guess your actions in case the IVF cycle is not successful. It is only a matter of two weeks from the transfer, so try your best to improve the chances of conception.


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