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Straight From Interior Designers in Ahmedabad: 5 Décor Secrets Only Professionals Know

The journey to your dream home is indeed magical. From selecting the right color palette to picking the best pieces of furniture, designing your home gives wings to your creativity and introduces you to a new side of yourself.

But, there’s also no denying that interior design can be overwhelming. Whether you’re doing-up a new space or redecorating your home, you have to take care of a million things to make sure everything goes right. Even then, sometimes the result doesn’t end up looking as beautiful as it did in your head.

This is why, it’s a good idea to get help from professionals. Professional interior designers come with years of experience. They know how to strike the right balance of form and space to give you the home you’ve been dreaming of.

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In other words, interior designers have a few tricks up their sleeves that can transform your house into your happy home. And guess what? We were able to get our hands on a few of these tricks from the best interior designers in Ahmedabad to help you get started on your home makeover.

# 1 Utilize Your Wall Space

While we’ve almost mastered the art of utilizing the floorspace, that’s not all that home décor’s about. Using the vertical space of your room is also equally important. You have a lot of scope to be creative with the walls of your room and bring in a ton of personality with wall art, paintings, or wall textiles. Interior designers in Ahmedabad also recommend opting for textured wallpapers to bring cohesiveness and tie the space together.

# 2 Have a Fluid Colour Theme

If there’s one thing that’s common in most professional interiors in Ahmedabad, it’s that all of them have a running theme through out the house. This theme, whether defined by colour or design, is what makes the house look more curated and allows the different pieces to work well with each other. Interior designers in Ahmedabad suggest having a neutral colour theme with striking accents to play with the elements of balance and emphasis.

# 3 Don’t Ignore the Tiny Nooks

We all have those small corners in our homes that we tend to take lightly. Whether it’s a small corridor or the entryway to the staircase, these small nooks have a lot of potential to become a statement space. This is why interior designers in Ahmedabad suggest going bold with these small spaces. Opt for bold colours, striking graphics, and interesting textures to turn the most insignificant areas of your home into an impactful statement.

# 4 Use Large Elements to Make a Small Space Seem Larger

Yes, you read that right. While we often assume that we should stick to minimal and sleek décor pieces when working with small spaces, some interior designers in Ahmedabad are of a different view.

They feel that using a large décor element as a focal point in a small space will visually expand the space, making it look larger and more spacious. Too many small elements tend to make the room feel cluttered and congested, minimizing the visual impact of the room.

# 5 Add a Personal Touch

Let your home be a reflection of your personality. Add personal touches with art, photographs, and accessories that translate your style into your space. Ornate vases or elegant scented candles are also an excellent way to make the space your own.

So, these were a few secrets about home décor that only professionals knew… well until now. But while these hacks will help you get the ball rolling on your home décor journey, nothing can match the finesse a professional interior design firm like Livspace can lend to your home.

Livspace is one of India’s most trusted interior design companies that offers end-to-end services to make your dream home a reality. Livspace Vesta together with award-winning designers, service partners and brands, to give life to your vision.

Check out their website for more tips on the best interiors in Ahmedabad and to know more about their offerings.

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