in Reveals How Musicians Can Connect and Collaborate During a Pandemic

Even though we have become accustomed to living during the age of the coronavirus, the difficulty of it hasn’t really worn off. The consensus is that it is safer at home, which means that even if people quarantine with their families, there is little opportunity for social gatherings without risk. For musicians, this means that the important act of collaboration is compromised. It is no longer easy to simply join that band searching for singer songwriters, or to have a good ol’ jam session at the studio. Instead, this is a time marked by more solitary personal experiences, like songwriting.

Thankfully, modern technology has made things a little easier. Distant relatives can keep in touch, lovers can keep the spark alive and friendships can continue on. In the same way, musicians can continue to connect with one another in fun and engaging ways. If you are starting to feel the weight of being the ‘lonely artist’, here are some ways you can find other musicians and keep your passion going during this pandemic.

Create an ‘Album Club’

Like a book club, an album club is a great way to share and enjoy music with others. Using social media, musicians can agree on an album, listen to it in its entirety, and discuss it online. Whether you do this with your existing circle or choose to expand and find other musicians who will join you, it is a great way to bond over your love of music.

Share Your Music Online

Part of the joy of being a musician is being able to share your work with others. You may have become accustomed to playing live shows and sharing your talent. If you are unable to perform live during this time, consider using an online platform to share your music. Whether you’re solo or part of a band, online sharing can expose you to audiences you didn’t even know existed. It may not give you the rush that performing does, but it can give you access to a new audience and even exciting new opportunities.

Learn and Teach Online

If you still have a lot to learn, use the online space to find artists that can help you improve your skills. You can reach out for private lessons, join social media groups for beginners and engage with others who share the same experiences as you.

And if you have a musical skill to share, you can connect with beginners who need lessons. Lessons can be pre-recorded and shared online, giving you the opportunity to interact with those who watch them. Alternatively, this could be an extra income source, where you host live video lessons that beginners can pay for.

 With technology at our fingertips, there are many creative ways to connect with others and build powerful relationships. From finding a band searching for singer connections for the future, to bonding over new releases by your favorite musicians, the possibilities are abundant. Don’t let the pandemic get in the way of developing your craft, making great music and finding the kinds of people who share your passion.


Written by Jacob aDAM