Smart tips and tricks to follow if you are a First-time Traveler

Are you a first-time globetrotter? Do you plan on going on a trip overseas? Therefore, you finally succumbed to the challenge, decided to remove some items from the bucket list, and then venture into the unknown. It’s excellent; it’s commendable. However, there are a few things you should know. Going abroad for vacation, no matter the length of time will bring countless new challenges. There are so many worlds to see, and we are so fascinated by you that you are going to explore the earth there.

No matter how many times you have traveled to your home country, your first trip abroad is equally exciting and frightening. Going to a new, different place and a foreign country is always exciting, but it can also be a little scary and chaotic. However, this is not necessarily the case! Please follow the simple tips below to obtain a few strategies to ensure a sleek and bon voyage.

  • Don’t just book a vacation you think you should continue. You are never too old or too young to go to a new city, backpack, or venture alone. It has never been as challenging as you think-do what you want to do.

  • Ensure you blend into the region’s local culture and try not to just stay in the off-travel resorts. An excellent way to absorb the local environment is to go to an eatery far away from the prime areas of cuisines and hotspots and ask their waiters to suggest their most attractive and chef’s unique dishes. Almost a third (29%) of first-time travelers revealed that trying local food is one of their favorite secrets for friends/family. 

  • Remember to verify if you’ll need a visa before departure. Some of the visas applications require more effort and money than others, so make sure to check the relevant government website. The same goes for passports. Before you travel, ensure to check the validity of your passport. Some countries require at least six months of validity to enter. Researchers found that 24% of travelers even recommend carrying their passports with them throughout their trip. 

  • Keep at least one or two copies of your passports and government ID cards. Suppose someone steals your original passport, you lost it or by mistake misplaced it; having several copies of passports and driving licenses can make it easy for you to identify yourself. Bring a copy of your original document (stored separately from the original document), and leave the other copies to your spouse, a trusted friend, or relative. Besides, most governments often provide special traveler enrollment programs in their embassies or consulates in foreign countries. In this way, if you lose your original identification document when you are abroad, you can use the photocopy (with the loss certificate) to apply for a new photocopy.

  • Choose the airline wisely. Go through all the necessary details and the airline’s rules and regulations. Make sure to read everything about the airline before packing your bags. Check out United Airlines Reservations for your reference since they offer the best than any other airline.

  • Travel as light as you can, especially your wallets. According to a 2014 survey, lost and stolen wallets of tourists are among the leading causes of identity theft and credit card fraud. Therefore, you only need to carry the cards you need for travel. Do not take along unnecessary credit and debit cards, and do not bring a checkbook. If you need to take multiple cards, please consider storing another card in a safe place immediately after opening the box, such as a hotel secure. In a similar hand in hand way, only pack what you need for your trip. Avoid unnecessary luggage to simplify your passage through various airport customs.

  • In the next few days, you will be in a completely unfamiliar land, possibly unaccompanied. The only thing that exists between you and the most basic necessities of life-ignore the luxury goods you expect during your journey-is your money. For starters, there is no doubt that at this juncture, you should set aside a considerable amount of cash for the upcoming trip. The best way to hold this money is in the form of traveler’s checks or Visa/MasterCard brand debit/ATM cards. Be sure to avoid taking large amounts of money (paid in cold cash).

  • Please check your baggage allowance before flying, and if necessary, put heavier items (such as chargers) in your hand luggage. If you are going to a hotter place, it is worth installing some gauze cages. It can be used for anything, from pillows on long trips, things that can cover your shoulders when visiting religious sites, blankets at night, and beach towels. If traveling with friends or family, please share some clothes in your schoolbag. In this way, even if you lose your luggage, you can still wear some items.

  • Ensure to check out the baggage policy of Alaska Airlines Reservations before you make a decision about when you are traveling. 

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Written by JAMIE Taylor


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