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Digital marketing agency in Dubai

Defining your needs is the most important step in executing your digital marketing strategy. Don’t hesitate to define your priorities. An outside agency can assist you in this process. She will give you the right techniques and will be able to see your weaknesses.

In the B2B sector, the buying process is more complex and, above all, longer. So often the goal is to generate leads (creating contact sheets) and lead generation. It’s like gathering information about a potential customer. With this information, companies will be able to get in touch with that customer and provide them with the most personalized offer possible.

In order to generate prospective customers, therefore, we must succeed in getting information about them that will allow us to then contact them. In most cases, this involves, for example, creating a landing page with content (brochures, white papers, etc.) that customers can use in exchange for an email address.

Blogs, newsletters, social networks, SEO / SEM. But remember that the goal of this step is to get the information of the visitor: a phone call or another email address.

The implementation of conversion tools is therefore a very important element of the marketing strategy, and this also includes the quality of the content provided, as well as the form (videos, photos, computer graphics, white papers, blog posts) are included in the your content should be appropriate to your target audience and send them the right message at the right time. Therefore, you are interested in developing the persona buyers as mentioned above.

But what to do with all this information?

It should also be a path on a data management system called CRM, if it is not already in place. This tool can be set up by your marketing agency and it allows you to create a database by collecting information. This will prove to be particularly useful in developing email campaigns among others.

Marketing automation is a new solution that facilitates and optimizes contact tracking. Algorithms exist to determine when it is most advantageous to automatically send personalized emails to prospects. A major advance that reduces the time it takes to manually navigate the various platforms. With a professional agency, you can manage the marketing process associated with your website and social networks. This is marketing that sends targeted messages based on the behavior of internet users.

How do I set up lead nurturing?                  

Closely linked to lead generation, lead nurturing involves providing relevant information to potential customers. The goal is to maintain their curiosity and desire for your brand and drive their behavior to buy once they reach maturity. It is thanks to marketing automation that it is possible to significantly increase the conversion of prospects to customers. An inbound agency can set up this automated digital strategy.

Implementing an SEO / SEA natural reference strategy

Natural referrals are very much at the heart of your inbound strategy; Google, Bing, or even Yahoo have the majority of their internet traffic coming from these search engines. Set up a paid SEO campaign with Google AdWords can be very expensive and require a lot of skills. However, a web marketing agency can help you run a profitable campaign and choose the right keywords.

Another option is natural referrals, which are interesting from an economic standpoint, but take time to set up. This is based on SEO optimization on your website. The content strategy work then needs to be put in place. But then again, it’s easy to make mistakes and get discouraged quickly, but a digital marketing agency in Dubai will be able to help you. From a marketing point of view, the most relevant thing to do is to use dedicated tools such as content creation as well as SEA campaigns for SEO optimization.

What is outbound marketing?

There are two major schools of marketing: inbound and outbound; one is the most classic method, which is the most “brutal” method, and the other is the method of the future. If you’re part of outbound, it’s time to head to an inbound marketing agency to open up new possibilities. So what is outbound marketing? This is the so-called traditional form of marketing and this technique is run out of steam. It uses intrusive and repetitive advertising, such as media and non-media campaigns. The growing malaise effect is overwhelming consumers, overwhelming them with daily advertising, and its impact is increasingly diminishing.

Agencies that specialize in inbound marketing can provide the keys to transform your communications to align with current consumer behavior. With the advent of inbound marketing, which has developed in this context, it is now being used in all marketing strategies. Basically, what is inbound marketing?

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