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North Indian Food Aloo Recipes

Who doesn’t like potatoes? reception , we love our potatoes and can’t do without them. In north indian food, a number of famous curry is Aloo Masala or sabzi because it is named within the local language. it’s excellent combination to had with breads, plain rice, poori, sapathi, etc,..other choices are Roti, phulka and Parantha through these are less common preferences.

In the states of Uttar Pradesh(Agra) and Delhi, this curry is particularly made as an important breakfast item that paired with Poori/Bedmi Poori, yogurd, chutney and Jalebi and it had been so delicious combinations, childrens likes considerably to had. This breakfast is just too delicious for words and is loved by all. don’t consider the amount of poori you’ve got with this curry. altogether aspects this is often superbly delicious.

Tawa Aloo Masala – a flavorful potato dry curry using aromatic spices. it’s easy to form and tastes delicious with rotis, puris or rice.

North India, to be exact Aloo Tikka (mashed potato cakes with herbs and spices) is served as street food. These cute little (or large) nuggets of fried goodness are bursting with flavor. Ginger, cilantro, garam masala and cumin provides a spicy punch to the potato and pea “dough”. And while they took a touch little bit of prep time (peeling, boiling, and mashing the potatoes) the taste was well well worth the effort.

Aloo recipes – Indian potato recipes. Potato is one among the foremost versatile & easily available vegetable across the planet . Hence it’s utilized in regular cooking in Indian also in world cuisines. Potatoes aren’t naturally gluten free but also are rich source of carbohydrates, antioxidants and B-complex vitamin & C. We use potatoes very often to form curries, stir fry, snacks, chips, french-fried potatoes , wedges and lots of more.

North Indian aloo curry reciepes:

Aloo Gobi Masala – one among the favored restaurant dish from North Indian cuisine. But the recipe shared here is during a simple home style but tastes just like the one in restaurants. this will be enjoyed with naan, paratha, jeera rice, plain basmathi rice or roti.

Aloo Matar Recipe – Simple home style North Indian recipe of aloo with green peas. Hot, spicy and delicious curry which will be served with plain rice, roti, bread or naan.

Dum Aloo restaurant Style – Punjabi dish made by slow cooking baby potatoes during a creamy and rich gravy. this is often apt to form for a special meal, weekend meal or once you have guest home.

Aloo Baingan – North Indian style dish made by slow cooking with basic ingredients.

Club sandwich with roasted potatoes – three-decker is usually made with meat but this veg-recipe is formed using roasted sliced potatoes. These are great to serve for a meal or a breakfast.

Vada Pav – Popular Mumbai street food vada pav. Spiced potatoes mixture is rolled into balls and dipped into besan batter and fried. These vadas are stuffed in pav that’s smeared with green chutney. Then garlic chutney is sprinkled.

Chilli potato – an easy Indo-chinese starter or snack ood served with hakka noodles or any soup. These are often served as a starter or appetizer in parties or as a tea time snack.

Potato stuffed capsicum – Healthy dish which will be served as a starter or snack. Spiced potato mixture is stuffed in capsicum and pain fried until tender. you’ll also stuff these with cheese, mixed veggies or meat.

Bread Potato Rolls – a fast party snack or evening snack. These are often made by shallow frying, baking or pan frying. These also can be move bite sized and served as a motorcycle sized appetizer or snack along side some tea.

Tandoori Aloo Tikka– Baby potatoes marinated in tantoori masal and grilled. These are often made on tawa or in oven. function a side during a meal or as a snack. These are best served hot.

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