Restaurant in Madurai

Mutton Briyani

Every persons and family favorite one, the delicious Mutton Briyani would be perfect for a family gathering or any friend’s party or function just enjoy along side your loved ones.

I can have the briyani at any point in time. In my point of view briyani is just an emotion. Especially Mutton briyani is every ones favorite recipe. Briyani means first come to our mind its Dindugal Thalapakkatti  briyani, Hydrabad briyani, Chettinadu Briyani, Kalyani Briyani, Ambur Briyani, Bhatkali Briyani faviorites taste for south Indian people especially in Tamil Nadu .

The sorts of briyani is mutton briyani, chicken briyani, fish briyani, prawn briyani, egg briyani, nattukoli briyani is now famous for therefore many hotels , these in non-veg varieties . In veg varieties there are kuska(Empty Briyani), mushroom briyani, vegetable briyani.

I still remember when my first experience to eat briyani in hotel. Our family were planned to travel for trip to kodaikannal. For hungry we stopped at Dindugal and went for thalappakatti hotel and ordered mutton briyani for our families. Then they serve for our table , at that time I saw mutton briyani 1st time in my life. Its look so delicious with spread of oil water mouthing on my mouth. The taste was so good and yummy. The receipe of mutton briyani was mutton, onion, ginger garlic paste, green chilly, Mint leaves, Coriander leaves, curd or yogurt, Briyani rice, some spices, oil, ghee…

Briyani means first click in our mind is chicken, chicken, chicken… because it is easy to organize in half-hour but compare to chicken briyani, mutton briyani its always a risk factor to bring its perfect and attractive also not even same like in hotel or differ in some place. My briyani sometimes looks like ‘Tomato rice’, a touch like mutton briyani pulao which is how not a briyani should be and its very frustrating when that happens.

So, I stand back from making briyani it mostly. But i used to be ate my mom’s food for long. Her mutton briyani is wow so yummy, the simplest briyani I had in my whole life. Seriously, there’s no option better than our mom’s hand-crafted food with such a lot love and taste with good quality ingredients and no food tastes better than mom’s food. We don’t realize the price of something or someone until we stay far away from it/them.

In Madurai Arbatskaya Restaurant gives same taste and good quality food be preferred for patrons . Its so yummy to possess Mutton briyani and its one among the special food during this restaurants. Please try once and you’ll defiantly try whenever.

Written by Moskva