Reasons Why You Should Ride Your Cycle This Winter

Cycling during winter is the last thing anyone has on their minds, but it shouldn’t be. Winter tends to be the laziest season of the year with nights being longer than the day. The cold air also makes most of us wish we could stay in bed wrapped in a blanket. But cycling has many health benefits that are too good to give up. You also get other benefits that make life pleasant. Some would say that winter is the best time to look for ladies cycles at the best price in India.

Become Physically Stronger

Cycling doesn’t just burn calories, it also strengthens muscle strength. Contrary to popular belief, legs aren’t the only parts that benefit. This exercise also strengthens muscles in thighs, shoulders, feet, glutes and arms. Spending time outside also helps you build resistance against the drop in temperature.

Burn Calories

Studies show that people burn more calories during winter than summer. It’s because our metabolism works hard to keep us warm. Exercising outdoors can help you burn even more fat. And by cycling, you are likely to stay outside for long. This benefit may last even when you are at rest due to NST.

Shiver Less

Shivering is one of the ways in which the body keeps you warm and does burn some calories. But it’s unpleasant and discourages people from exercising. Cycling warms your body enough to keep it from shivering while the body burns fat to keep the core muscles warm. This is called nonshivering thermogenesis (NST).

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Sweat Less

Sweating is the most unpleasant part of riding during summer. Now I’m not saying that you won’t sweat during winter. It’s the body’s natural reaction to heating up. But compared to buckets trickling down your helmet, you only get a moist layer that your suit soaks up. This alone makes riding this season more pleasant than the warm months.

Avoid Sickness

Riding your cycle daily can boost your immune system considerably, making it less likely that you’ll get sick. It boosts your heart, lungs and circulation by stimulating them. This reduces the chances of heart diseases considerably. According to studies, people get sick more often during winters because they spend more time indoors where germs survive for long. When you cycle, you spend less time indoors which reduces the chances of an infection. 

Spend More Time Outside

Cycling daily increases resistance to cold, so you can spend more time outside. This can include hanging out with friends or taking a leisurely walk.

Build Mental Strength

If you can motivate yourself to ride despite the chill, rain or snow, then you can face anything in life.

Improve Mood

Winter can feel like a depressing time. You are less likely to visit your loved ones this season which makes it feel isolating. Reduced exposure to sunlight and less daylight also don’t help your mood. 

When you cycle in the morning, you get more sunlight and fresh air, which improves your mood. You can get more sunlight because the weather is pleasant even at noon. It also releases natural antidepressants in the brain that make you feel better. Riding with loved ones could make it better.

Build An Appetite

Exercising daily burns a lot of calories that need replacing. So you can build a healthy appetite for warm food. Just be sure to eat a balanced diet to maintain your weight and health. 

Clear Tracks

Cycle tracks tend to be less crowded this season because people spend more time inside. So you can ride faster on the cycle tracks.

More Parking Space

There aren’t as many people cycling this season so you get more free space to park your bike.

See Interesting Sights

You get to see many interesting sights during the winter that you might miss during the summer. Many cycling enthusiasts all over the country go on expeditions this season.

Save Money

You save money by travelling by cycle instead of a car or public transport.

If you’re convinced, then look at some of the best bicycle brands in India, get the gear and start riding.


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