How to estimate the construction quality of a home?

A home is a dream for everyone.

But not everyone might build their dream home, some choose to buy it.

And as they say, all that glitters is not gold, so how can we analyse a building’s construction quality and value? After all, we are not all born with an engineer’s acumen!

But there are certain ways to identify and analyse a house’s value

Here are some ways to ascertain a buildings construction quality:

1. Analyse its location carefully: As they say, time and tide wait for none. Similarly, a good construction quality house should have an equally suitable location to its value and vice versa. Real estate in a likely happening area will have some value attached to it.

2. Type of Land: The type of land is yet another factor that decides the value of the building obviously because if you are buying or investing in a building then it becomes your responsibility to determine what factors decide the value of that property in future and whether you can extract more money out of it at a later date when required or not? Also as a type of land changes so do the buildings built on them, this factor too has an impact on the final price of a property.

3. Condition of the building: The condition of the house must also be taken into consideration when you are out to buy a home or invest in it and this factor is solely based on individual needs and requirements because different people look for different things in a building. If someone requires a commercial place then they may not go for the residential flats, similarly, if someone is looking for family accommodations then obviously he will have some other set of requirements attached to his search criteria but all said and done, several things considered a good real estate business company should consider at least three factors before buying or investing in any piece of land or real estate, these factors mainly include location, type of land and condition of the property built thereon!

4. Reputation and track record: Although these factors are not as important as the previous ones, we cannot negate the fact that they do have their own significance assigned to them. A good reputation in business matters a lot and this is what keeps any company afloat or on its feet! Similarly, a track record matters when it comes to investment opportunities of different kinds because only then can you estimate how much bang for your buck you will be getting.

5. Rental potential: This is the most imp of all factors because this decides or measures the value of the property in a very cold and rational manner. If you are paying a very high price for buying or investing in any piece of land but you are not getting enough money out of it to cover your interest rates on investment schemes, then what difference does it make? None!

 So the rental value of a property must be kept in mind before any kind of investment is made.

So, if you do not have an engineer’s acumen and cannot analyse how to check the  construction quality of your home then all you need to do is buy or invest in properties that boast a good reputation for being commercially viable with a great track record!

All the best for your homes.

These factors play an important role in finalizing a deal but we can guarantee that mentioned above play an equal role even if played separately or jointly depending upon the real estate requirements of the buyer!

Written by Manoj Kumar