Put Everything Aside And Refresh Yourself

There are days when you don’t want to work and give yourself some time to refresh. There are some things you can do while enjoying your vacation at any beach, hills or even if you’re at home you can also enjoy your holiday by playing games, watching Netflix series, dancing, singing, cooking, etc.

Give yourself time to switch

Have you ever had a time when you just started enjoying the pleasure of your vacation, but it ended immediately?  After all, it is important not only to carve out time from your busy work schedule for vacation but also to give the body time to switch from one regime to another.


On weekends you can’t fully relax like you want to. We meet our friends, spend time with family and all. And again after two days let’s rock and roll with your work.

This time is simply not enough to free the brain of thoughts about work. It is very important to give yourself enough time to break the work rhythm and allow the body to fully relax. 

Let others work for you

If you do not want to answer letters and phone calls on business issues throughout your vacation, take care of this before you leave, transferring all the affairs to your colleagues. If you cannot completely “get out of the process” and not open your mailbox for a week, agree with someone from your colleagues to whom you will simply forward work letters, and he or she will take them to work. By organizing work processes in this way, we can enjoy our vacation without thinking and worrying about office matters and have fun on vacation.

Turn on the “Out of Access” mode

If you did everything right at the first stage, you do not need to follow the work process and get in touch at work. Otherwise, you won’t be able to fully reset and reboot your brain. Just forget about it for a while, warning partners and clients that you will not be in touch, and devote these days only to yourself and your personal life. Have fun on vacation, think only about yourself. Do things that you want to do when you have free time.

Minimize stress

If you are comfortable living according to plan, you should not experiment with spontaneous travel, but prepare and plan your vacation in advance. Prepare the entire list of documents and information that may be useful to you on the spot (hotel reservations, local train schedule, travel route, list of nearby cafes and restaurants), download an offline city map to your phone, and everything you need for your peace of mind and comfortable travel.

Forget about gadgets

Without smartphones, our trip wouldn’t be complete. We take pictures of everything that we see around us, and immediately post photos on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, in a hurry to share new impressions with others. We are far away, but we strive to stay in touch, “sticking” on the screen throughout the rest.

Smartphones and WIFI are the things that we can’t leave without. It became our regular routine, when we wake up, get free time, get bored we use the phone, and when time flies we don’t even realize it.

Take a book with you

If you love to read a book that calms your brain then you should bring your favorite book with you. In between mountains, on the beach, you’re reading a book. Wow, what a life! The book will help not only distract, but also organize the exercise of your brain. In addition, new knowledge and experience while on vacation will not be supplanted by the work hassle. Books inspire and open up new facets of our consciousness. 

Try a new experience

Try new things that you’ve never tried. Nothing energizes like vivid impressions and emotions. Therefore, if you want to fully relax, do not wallow for days on the beach, but rather have fun and take part in local activities. Play golf, take a surf lesson, take part in a local cooking class or go scuba diving. It doesn’t matter what you choose, what matters is that you discover new experiences and opportunities.

Chat with people

With both locals and foreigners. Share experiences, get to know the lives of others, and have fun with them. You can always choose a pleasant and interesting interlocutor for yourself, chat for at least 3-5 minutes on general topics and learn about how people live in other cities and countries.

Have fun with yourself

Having fun with yourself is a different kinda feeling. You don’t care about anyone, anything but just you and your precious time. Play games, click selfies, make reels, fun videos, prank your friends, give weird names to you and your loved ones. Nickname generator tools will help you to find cool, funny names online.

Leave a day to prepare for workdays

And in order not to spoil the result of your vacation in no time, do not forget to return home at least one or two days before you need to go to work. This time is needed for the body to adapt and gradually adjust to the usual way. 

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Written by Aliana Sharma