Premium Membership For Sports Has It's Own Privilege

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A Premium Membership in sports is like joining an exclusive sports club. You buy instant access to the sport-based program of your choice and get to play whenever it is convenient for you. However, with a premium membership subscription, you can choose to play at any of the centers across any of the location where the club branch exists.

The premium membership offer various kinds of membership benefits and access and are happy to assist you in finding the right fit for your lifestyle and sporting needs. The bigger membership you have the more venues you can choose from and the higher your visit limits are per partner.

Premium membership plans:

Memberships at club are a privilege in them. A Sports Club is a brilliant place to stay fit, spend quality time with family, network, socialize and sometimes work too. You can join as a member in any of the amazing Premium membership plans offered by club.

  • Single Membership Plan:

The Single membership plan is applicable for an individual adult or child. Availing this will allow the membership owner to join the program of their preference. All memberships are, by default, single user memberships that are non-transferable. The validity options for this choice range from monthly, quarterly, half yearly-to-yearly.

  • Sibling Membership Plan:

The Sibling memberships are active only for children, exclusively as part of the Sport Academy programs. Using this membership, a parent can enroll siblings under one membership. This type of membership offers special discounts in addition to inheriting all the benefits of a single membership. The validity options for this choice range from monthly, quarterly, half yearly-to-yearly.

  • Paired Membership Plan:

Memberships for a couple. This Member is entitled the usage of the sports club along with his/her spouse.

  • Family Membership Plan:

One Membership for the whole family, which include an individual, spouse, and 2 children’s.

Sports Club Benefits: If you join any sports club membership you are benefited with below benefits.

  • Staffed with certified fitness experts here to help you achieve your goals
  • Fully equipped fitness facility
  • Hi-tech cardio machines
  • Thousands of pounds of free weights & kettlebells
  • Swimming pools, Tennis, Racquet Ball, Squash Basketball courts, Kids Clubs and much more in select clubs
  • Certified personal trainers on staff
  • Member locker rooms stocked with premium toiletries, hair dryers and towels
  • Unlimited classes: Yoga, Cycling, HIIT, Dance, Boxing & more
  • The latest strength machines from the top brand names
  • Designated functional training zones

But in case you are Premium member in the sports club. You get additional benefits.

Premium membership benefits:

Premium Membership is the best way to activate your healthy lifestyle. The added benefits of Memberships include:

• Direct access to a relationship manager whose only job is to make sure you have a premium experience.

• Discounts for long duration memberships when compared to a Pay and Play option.

• Play your game at any club location with one active membership.

• Priority voting in privileges for games.

• Pick and choose from a variety of membership options tailored to your need and convenience.

• Free entry for community events and tournaments.

• Discount on Court Bookings

Written by Amrina Alshaikh