Personal transportation means 'Segway' exited after 20 years. Production stopped on the 15th of next month

The electric scooter Segway PT (Segways Personal Transporter, hereinafter referred to as Segway), which has been in the limelight as a single-person vehicle, will leave after 20 years.

Segway PT, once a symbol of mobility innovation, will end production on the 15th of the following month, 20 years after its first launch due to sluggish sales, CNN broadcast reported on the 23rd (local time).

Ninebot, a Chinese company that acquired Segway in 2015, made this decision, and said that 21 employees working in Bedford, New Hampshire, USA will also be fired.

Segway, developed by American inventor Dean Carman, (hoverboards)appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America program in December 2001. After that, it received public attention and appeared in Hollywood TV shows and movies.

At the time, Carman assured that transportation would revolutionize and cars would not be needed. However, Segway’s sales last year accounted for only 1.5% of Ninebot’s total sales.

The initial market was formed mainly by institutions such as police stations and companies, as the price per unit was 6,000 to 10,000 dollars (723 to 1205 million won). done. The cumulative sales volume from 2001 to now is 140,000 units.The company tried to lower prices, but as a result it failed. Due to inflation and the development of the off-road Segway, the actual price is said to be more expensive.”The Segway was a great invention 20 years ago, but now it’s out of date,” said Tony Ho, Segway’s vice president of global business development.However, Ninebot explained that it will continue to develop products such as an autonomous Gyunhyeon wheelchair using segways


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