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Normal delivery: Advantages of it for Mom and baby

One of the most integral parts of preparing for the arrival of your baby is charting a birth plan. This plan essentially includes looking at the alternatives and options such as:


  • Finding the best OB-GYN and hospital
  • Choosing between a midwife and a doctor
  • Opting for a natural birth or a C-section


If you are in a metro city such as Bangalore, you can easily find some of the best gynecologists to help you through your delivery. They also advise you on the type of delivery to look forward to.


For the longest time, there has been a debate going on between a C-section and natural birth, which has left many mothers-to-be anxious about them both. While some women consider C-Section as a more desirable option given the partial elimination of pain in the process, others still feel that natural birth is much safer.


In this article, let us understand the various advantages of natural birth for both – the mother and the child. You can consult your gynecologist to find the best hospital for normal delivery in Bangalore.


What are the advantages of normal delivery for the mother?


Although the overall process of natural birth is lengthy as compared to a C-Section, it involves fewer complications. One of the biggest advantages of this type of birth is the shorter time at the hospital and a faster recovery period.

Generally, any woman who has had natural delivery stays at the hospital for a day or two. Most women prefer natural births over C-sections to steer clear of excessive bleeding, scarring, reactions to anesthesia, infections, and long-lasting pain. Normal delivery also helps the new mothers to hold their babies and breastfeed them sooner.


Consult the best gynecologist in Bangalore and know the various measures to be taken for a natural birth. You may also have to check in with a dietician to ensure that you eat well to support your delivery.


What are the advantages of normal delivery for the baby?


As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest pros of vaginal birth is sooner physical contact of both the baby and mother. Natural birth also helps in increasing the production of proteins in the baby’s brain. This supports brain development and brain function. In a cesarean section delivery, the body isn’t prompted naturally to release these proteins and thus the baby loses out on this precious benefit. Furthermore, this type of birthing also helps to squeeze fluid out of your baby’s lungs.


At times, women may have to choose to undergo a cesarean section because of certain complications in the pregnancy. While there is nothing unsafe about the cesarean process, but natural childbirth has many benefits, in comparison.


Opting for the natural way reduces post-delivery problems, induces faster recovery, and makes for a stronger, healthier baby. Consult the best gynecologist in Bangalore to know how to have a safe and natural delivery.


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